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Blog Entry | Culture >
Millenials and the church. It seemed to the be the captive topic this week, sparked by Rachel Held Evans article on CNN. Everyone seemed to take a crack at sharing their opinion: Speaking Prophetically to the Church or Publicly Criticizing the Church? The Rise of the Chicken Little Evangel…
Article | Church Leadership >
10 ways current leaders can assist and encourage future leaders
Article | Church Leadership >
Carey Nieuwhof shares advice on how to put your best foot forward as a leader from the "slacker generation."
Article | Church Leadership >
Hearing a church worship rendition of Disney's "Let It Go," makes Ryan Brymer wonder if it's a sign of why the church is failing to thrive spiritually.
Article | Technology >
Leadership Network hosted the second 'Code for the Kingdom Hackathon' at Acton School of Business. The theme of the event was “Transforming Children’s Lives” as we challenged the Austin entrepreneurial community and beyond to create technologies to help alleviate and eradicate all fo …
Article | Youth Leaders >
Benjamin Kerns looks at how to interact with students who have no interaction with Christianity.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Carey Nieuwhof presents nine sure signs your church is ready to reach the unchurched.
Article | Collegiate >
Great tips on how to deal with college better.
Article | Church Leadership >
Catalyst Director Brad Lomenick shares 10 thoughts on social leadership.
Audio | Work >
Chuck Bentley quickly addresses common mistakes young adults make in their interview process.