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Article | Culture >
Jim Denison looks at the housing market and the possibility of Millennials being the ones to save it.
Article | Collegiate >
A look at the Newton, CT tragedy and why Millennials are the ones taking innocent lives.
Article | News >
According to a new survey, even before they move out of their childhood homes, many younger Millennials have already moved away from the religion in which they were raised.
Article | Culture >
Our decisions in each moment have ramifications on the future.
Article | Youth >
Three ways to motivate a millennial (or anyone really)
Article | Culture >
Why are Millennials leaving the faith?
Audio | Church Leadership >
Tim Elmore is the founder and president of Growing Leaders, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization…
Audio | Work >
Chuck Bentley quickly addresses common mistakes young adults make in their interview process.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
This is a great post at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics on how Millennials are rejuvenating the entrepreneurial spirit in America after 30 years of decline, and how entrepreneurship is very much in sync with Christian values. It begins: Entrepreneurship has been in a slow decl…