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The 3 Most Under-Rated Youth Ministry Resources
Great advice for youth leaders from Tim Schmoyer on youth ministry resources.
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About Small Group Leadership:

A place to hang out and discuss small group thoughts, ideas, issues, resources, and whatever! Please use this to discuss small group ministry, ask questions, and get and share ideas.

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  Here you go! All in one location… A wide-array of resources for our critical work with students. BOOKS College Ministry: The Fuel and The Flame: 10 Keys to Ignite Your College Campus for Jesus Christ, by Steve Shadrach Shaping Their Future, by Guy Chimieleski God on Campus: So…

Deborah Wipf is dedicated to helping church and ministry leaders with the business side of running an organization. She combines over ten years of business experience with her love for ministry, big vision, details, project plans and organization to be a “business coach for churches and ministries”. For more tips and resources, follow Deborah on Twitter (@DeborahWipf).


Fresh Youth Ministry Ideas & Ready-to-Use Resources


Tips, ideas, resources, and advice for youth ministers by youth youth ministers.

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You need to set healthy financial guidelines and boundaries for your parents in order to secure the long term fiscal viability of your ministry.   Aside from kids growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ, camping and retreat seasons potentially cause two issues in your student …
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If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for quality student ministry resources and training... Especially FREE resources and training.One of the best free training resources we have come across is called the Youth Ministry Coaching Network. If you are looking for practic…
Blog Entry | Technology > recently picked up a new advertiser, Only144. When I first heard of Only144, I really did not understand what the company was offering. Their ad copy says “It’s like GROUPON for ministry resources.” Since, I’ve never used the Groupon service I had no con…
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As we near the end of the year, I want to thank our two main sponsors of this blog for the past quarter: eaHELP and MAG Bookkeeping. Both companies are great resources for your church, non-profit, business or ministry. I blogged about eaHELP years ago when they were new and