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Article | Theology >
What do your children actually think about Jesus' miracles? These three basic facts will help them understand what makes an act mi»
Article | Inspiration >
"Maybe most of us want to avoid the possibility of miracles because we want to avoid the consequences of acknowledging a livi»
Article | Christian Living >
Finding miracles in the ordinary.
Article | Devotionals >
Billy Coffey shares an interesting story that may prove the old adage is true: "God helps those who help themselves."»
Article | Music >
Christian band Third Day are back with their latest album, "Miracle." With edgy songs and a new sound, Third Day is prim»
Article | Youth >
Trust the miracle-worker today. He’s able to deliver you.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Let's keep football in its proper perspective, folks.
Article | Books >
Ellen Painter Dollar reflects on Rachel Gerber's new devotional memoir to parents seeking connection with God.
Article | Culture >
In a culture of immediacy we aren't used to waiting for anything.
Article | Film >
An unexpectedly enjoyable film about trapped gray whales in Alaska.