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Some churches use the term “missional” to describe ministry that seeks to discern God’s mission in the world and then align »
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Ministry isn't relegated to clergy—every person has a mission field no matter where they work.
Article | Missional >
The concept of "missional" isn't creative or radical. It's just intentional obedience.»
Article | Family >
Include your kids in the family mission so they can see God's work in action.
Article | Missions >
Jana had waited her whole life to go on a mission trip to Kenya. When she finally set foot in the country, she struggled with whet»
Article | Technology >
Upon a recent return from an international missions trip, a youth leader shares 5 tech tips that helped him stay organized, charge»
Article | Missions >
How can supporting churches best encourage their missionaries?
Article | Missional >
A missional community dives into their neighborhood with an open kickball game, but there are ways to "miss it" when it »
Article | Missional >
Thoughts on the word "missional" in regards to church life.»
Article | Christian Living >
Common wrong thinking that can derail a missionary's, or any believer's, ministry.