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Blog Entry | Christian Living >
So there’s been a lot of buzz on the TV, on the internet, over a mocha lattes regarding Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney.  I have to admit, that before the whole media blitz, I didn’t know who Hilary Rosen was and I had to look up Ann Romney’s first name so I could refer to her as more than Mitt Romney’s wife.  I have an interest in politics and enjoy lively debate, but I tend to do it from a distance or with trepidation, much li»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Only one candidate will win in this year’s presidential election. That means the other guy loses. Tomorrow we will know whether Barak Obama remains our President or Mitt Romney takes over the White House. Whichever side of the debate you sit– right-wing conservative or leftist liberal– one camp is going to be highly disappointed by the close of the day, November 6, 2012. A few might throw things. Some might drink themselves to sleep. Gr»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
We’re less than a week from a national election. By now, I think we can all relate to the little girl who cried to an NPR Reporter how she was tired of “Bronco Obama and Mitt Romney” Everything I try writing about this election ends up sounding bitter and cynical.  So, instead of talking about politics, I will talk about one of my all-time favorite cartoons, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Most of what I have to say about li»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
With a record number of “nones” or religiously unaffiliated Americans (20%) possibly voting in the 2012 election, I wonder: will we hear about faith tonight at the Presidential debate? Mitt Romney, a Mormon and Barack Obama, a Protestant are vying for millions of religious voters. The town hall-style debate voters will ask questions of the [...]
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
As political bloggers are going into overdrive commenting on the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, blogs comments were afire with fact checking and political attacks. As I monitored Twitter, Facebook, and a few political blogs during the debate, it quickly became clear that negativity, snark, and ad hominem attacks were popular. There is [...]
Blog Entry | Culture >
Very busy but exciting week.  Lots of thoughts: Political discourse lacks in our everyday culture so when the video of Mitt Romney bluntly speaking what he views as truth, the media instantly spun it as a gaffe.  Dick Morris said it best, “There is no sin greater in a presidential race than telling the truth.”  Instead of looking at the pure statistics behind his statements, everything got spun into a rich vs. poor issue, which has nothing»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
With the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney‘s running mate, religious history was made. Some historians believe this is the first presidential major party ticket that does not feature a protestant running for president or vice-president. Romney is Mormon and Ryan is Catholic. Other historians have be made the case that Eisenhower and Lincoln [...]
Blog Entry | Blogs >
The comment startled me. Above it was a video of Mitt Romney smiling after winning six voting contests on Super Tuesday. But the commentator clearly was not a Romney fan. The jist was this: My candidate didn’t win. Now there is no hope. Grab the kids. Head for the hills. Armageddon is coming. Pack light. Not exaggerating. And yet he [...]
Blog Entry | Culture >
This year a record number of female Senators will be sworn into office-20. Of those women, two are not Christians. Tulsi Gabbard a Hindu and Mazie Hirono a Buddhist. Both of these women are from Hawaii.With Obama winning the election by a significant amount, one wonders if this year marks the most significant change in American politics of our history.With states voting to legalize pot and recognize same sex marriage by popular vote, it clearly m»
Blog Entry | Film >
From Truth on Cinema, I’m Ryan Brymer and these are this episode’s top stories This episode really speaks to the aspirational nature of Aaron Sorkin’s work. It’s a seeing the best in people/rising above the fray motif that he utilizes time and again. There are a lot of people who can write witty banter – Gilmore Girls was great at it. What sets Sorkin apart is that “greatness of humanity” mentality. Quote of the week: “snark is th»