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Billy Graham has been featured in ads supporting a North Carolina anti-gay marriage referendum and supporting “biblical values” in the upcoming national election. Why has the famed evangelist – who has said he learned hard lessons about being too political – getting so involved in …
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Is it a sin not to vote? Or perhaps a virtue? The question may seem surprising, especially in a nail-biter of an election in which every vote will count and both sides argue that the future of the nation is at stake.
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The Romney-Ryan ticket is the first Republican presidential campaign in history without a Protestant candidate, but this hasn't deterred evangelicals from launching massive get-out-the-vote and registration efforts to help Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win the White House.
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Could the decline of cultural Christianity be good for the church in America? How might losing political influence be a win for the Gospel?
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For weeks our nation has been fixated on the presidential election as we decide what direction we want our country to take.
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This election, voters care more about issues such as social justice or gay marriage than they do about denominational brands.
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It looks like the basic religious divides in the U.S. electorate remain where they were established in the 1990s.
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A repeat performance of a 2008 face-off between the presidential candidates planned at a Southern Baptist mega-church won’t happen after all, according to the Orange County Register.
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Mitt Romney, Mormonism and Election 2012 | Stephen Mansfield 3
Stephen Mansfield, author of "The Mormonizing of America: How the Mormon Religion Became Became…
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Pollsters and politicians hunting for the rare and elusive undecided voter in the 2012 election might want to train their sights on church leaders.