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Article | Music >
by Merge PR with Merge PR
A look at the new record from The Digital Age, formed by the remaining members of the David Crowder*Band.
Article | Bible Study >
Sandra Glahn looks to the Bible to see if quiet times, also known as daily devotionals and Bible study, must occur in the mornings»
Article | Health >
Awaken with these seven yoga poses to boost your energy for the day.
Article | Health >
If you're trying to lose weight or simply maintain your health, consider waking early to run for 10-20 minutes.
Article | News Commentary >
Pundits’ questions about how Republicans can regroup following President Obama’s re-election might well be asked of faith comm»
Article | Christian Living >
Prayer and interruptions.
Article | Inspiration >
Have Christians become hardened to the joy that should erupt when a sinner gets saved?
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About Good Morning Jesus:

Good Morning Jesus is a prayer group open to everyone to share their personal prayers or to respond to those others have written. I dedicate this group to my mother who woke every morning and said, "Good Morning Jesus". My prayer is that this group be a blessing to all who visit this group.

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Recently, Michael Hyatt did a podcast about how to be more productive by re-engineering your morning ritual. The respons»
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'Before the Morning' Documentary | Josh Wilson
A short documentary centered around Josh»