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Recently, Michael Hyatt did a podcast about how to be more productive by re-engineering your morning ritual. The respons»
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"Let It Be Morning" from All Delighted People. Find out more at»
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Michael Hyatt explores how you can reengineer your morning ritual to become more productive and set yourself up for succ»
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Dear Readers:  This is the first in my new “Good Morning, God” series of prayers.  This prayer is for any mom (or dad) whose child will be undergoing surgery–if that is you, the prayer is for you.  It is specially dedicated to the mothers at CURE hospitals around the world who are hurting emotionally and spiritually because of their child’s condition.  If you know of someone in a similar situation, fearful and in need of God’s str»
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Morning Walk Morning Word Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his— Walter Bright (@WaltBright) August 22, 2014Filed under: Leadership Tagged: Faithfulness, Meditation, mercy, prayer []
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John Branyan talks about morning people.Posted by Read more!
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Mrs. GusteIn places all across America, older ladies reign at beauty shops on Saturday morning. They need to look good for church the next morning.And beautiful they are. Robbie Kaye, a photojournalist, began to explore the world of ladies in their 70s and 80s at the beauty shop. The result was a gallery titled "Beauty and Wisdom." I saw her work first at Mashable, but you can also check out her website. I hope you do. These ladies radiate.She is»
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Ever hear a radio jingle in the morning that kept you singing along forever? Whether your favorite song or the most annoying, you just couldn’t stop yourself from humming its tune. No matter what else you heard , you couldn’t erase it.  For better or worse, its notes stayed with you, dancing through your thoughts for the rest of [] The post 5 Ways to Motivate Kids Every Morning appeared first on Written Reality.
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What happened to me this morning was a result of a couple of weeks of trying out something new. The night before, I had failed to set my alarm clock for the 5:00 am. This is the time I have chosen to get up to begin my day. (a little background: I am not a […]
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I was just about “done” by 8:15 this morning. My day started innocently enough, much like every other work day. This morning I planned to take the “puppy girls” to the groomer for a “spa day” – and I planned to drop them off on my way to work. I loaded up my bag with my planner, iPad, journal, lunch and other essentials of the day, including my coffee cup. (SIDE NOTE: The lid on my Starbucks travel mug is»