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Video | Health >
Motivation to Get Healthy | Gary Thomas
Author of "Every Body Matters,"»
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Motivational Running Video
Get motivated to start your own running »
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About Red Dance of Life on Piano:

Life is certainly what you make of it. With God as our Guide, we can find the best and perfect gifts that life has to offer us. We can also share the gifts and talents we uniquely bring to the world. Join us to share your journey and find inspiration and motivation from others here in the Group. You'll really enjoy this Group!

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  • Location: Atlanta, GA

About Fitness Moms:

A group that welcomes moms to share their weight loss story, and goals. Any motivational help and advice welcome!

  • Member count: 31
  • Location: Plano, TX

About Converge Church Tech Conversations:

Where church techs, IT pros, web devs, design afficionados, and AV gurus meet to trade ideas and provide motivation.

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Award winning Gospel/Jazz Instrumentalist — BEN TANKARD’s New CD “FULL TANK” Tops US World Charts. Selected by NBA as Motivational Speaker. Over two decades ago, Tankard, a 6’6 former pro shooting guard had his NBA dreams dashed at training The post Ben Tankard’s Album Tops Smoothjazz World Charts — Selected by NBA as Motivational Speaker appeared first on
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
It's Monday.And it's raining.For most, those two make a lousy combination.For me, it wasn't too bad.Work was steady, making the day go by quickly.The weather may be rainy, but it really didn't effect me negatively.So today has been a pretty decent day. For me.How has it been for you?Early this morning a friend tweeted me saying, "I need some Monday motivation." I tweeted her back, encouraging her to think positively and to remember that there's a»
Blog Entry | Art >
Erica Jefferson has a true gift for motivating people combined with her passion to share the Gospel. She is an influencer and uses»
Blog Entry | Art >
I was out on my prayer walk today and three verses came too mind that perfectly described the journey for creative Christ-followers. They are: With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) These show us our limitations when if comes to doing what God has called you to do. There are none! If God is calling, go for it, let Him steer and trust Him to bring you through. The»
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Jason Crabb "Love Is Stronger" (Official)
Featuring Ashley DeRamus / Ashley DeRamu»