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Kim McManus, wife of Mosaic Pastor Erwin McManus, shares a message from the Wisdom for Life series on grief.
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Last Tuesday was a national Day of Mourning in Israel as grief and anger gripped the nation over the discovery of the bodies of the three young Yeshiva students who had been kidnapped three weeks earlier.Hundreds of thousands of Israelis turned out for the boys’ funeral services. Protests also broke out across the country as many called out for a more aggressive response from the Israeli government. Speaking at the…
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This dummy is in mourning. Respect the rights of the Mannequin American.Now having buried my grandparents and my parents, I sadly think I am something of a pro when it comes to what to say and not to say during a funeral or visitation. Not as a speaker; if you are looking for someone to deliver the eulogy, I'm calling a moratorium on my speaking, because none of you had damn well better go anywhere anytime soon. I'm referring to what can and sho»
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I’m tired of beeps, tired of evil chair beds, tired of not knowing, tired of being tired, tired of Julia’s pain. It’s 5 in the morning, and I am mourning. Maybe it’s the dark of the room, the hum of the annoying air conditioner, the hunger in my gut. But I felt the need to pour out my heart to Jesus right now. I’ll let you join in for the ride. Jesus, I lift up those who have suffered this way far more than I have. I pray for my friend»
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This post is an excerpt from the study guide which accompanies the “Overcoming Depression-Anxiety: A Suffering Paradigm” seminar. This portion is one element from “STEP 5: MOURN the wrongness of what happened and receive God’s comfort..” To RSVP for this and other Summit counseling seminars visit There are many things that unhealthy wallowing and healthy mourning have in common. It can be eas»
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If you’ve been doing ministry long, it’s happened. It’ll be months after a friend’s death, and you’ll wake up one day extremely sad. The kind of sad most people typically feel during days 1-3 after losing someone they care about. But in days 1-3 after your friend’s death, you weren’t mourning – you were ministering. While I and others applaud transparency from our ministers when they struggle, many people expect ministers to pasto»
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This morning I continued our journey through the Sermon on the Mount.  (Matthew 5,6, and 7).  We began the conversation with "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."   When Jesus proclaims the Kingdom of God through his Sermon on the Mount Discourse, those that Mourn take a special place in the list.  We started this morning with an ask, "What is the mourning He is referring to?" Micro-As Jesus shows His interest in the pers»
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Welcome to the 12 Pearls of Christmas blog series! Merry Christmas from Pearl Girls™! We hope you enjoy these Christmas “Pearls of Wisdom” from the authors who were so kind to donate their time and talents! If you miss a few posts, you’ll be able go back through and read them on this blog throughout the next few days. We’re giving away a pearl necklace in celebration of the holidays, as well as some items (books, a gift pack, music CD»
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The Swan This laboring of ours with all that remains undone, as if still bound to it, is like the lumbering gait of the swan.  »
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