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Listen to the track "Glorious Name," from the self-titled new album by Brady Toops.»
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You Know Me By Name | Sean Carter
"You Know Me By Name" by Sean Carter from his album 'The Telling'»
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Louie Giglio, Lead Pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, begins the series "Word: The Book of James."»
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NAMED BY GOD LEADER KIT FREE to Church Staff THIS WEEK ONLY March 4th through March 8th, 2013 A $75.00 value shipped FREE to you this week! NBG Leader Kit Includes: the BOOK (Kasey’s memoir), the BIBLE STUDY (6 week in depth study including group session intros for each week), the DVD (6 session, 20 minute teaching segments with Kasey setting you up for each week of study), & the LEADER GUIDE (and invaluable resource including personal note»
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Watch short introduction video for Named By God Kasey Van Norman Ministries along with Tyndale House Publishers would like to offer you this FREE resource as a way of saying thank you for your service as a leader to the women of your community and/or church body. For a limited time only (now—August 31, 2012), we would like to mail you a FREE preview copy of the newly released 6-week Bible study, Named by God. Throughout the pages»
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by Sally
I'm working on a research project. It's a bit of a treasure hunt.  Everytime I unearth another tidbit, I feel like I've struck paydirt. It all started when I learned that one of the first doctors in Greene was named Dr. Purple.  I just think that's funny. Sometimes, I tell people that and they just look at me, like, so what?  Every time I talk to my father about Dr. Purple from Greene, he reacts just like I did when I first heard about him -»
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You Carry His Name, Pt2 | Hillsong Tv with Brian Houston
So what does it mean to carry someone's »
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'No Other Name' Album Trailer | Hillsong
" 'No Other Name' is the album rele»
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'To Know Your Name' | Hillsong
Live version of "To Know Your Name&»
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Branding a product or service sets the product or service apart in the minds of those who hear of it. Branding makes a name synonymous with something. The auto manufacturer Volvo has branded their name with thoughts of safety. Institutions such as Harvard and Yale have branded their names with higher learning. Individuals and companies []The post Branding the Name of Jesus appeared first on FaithsMessenger.Com.