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Bestselling New Testament volumes are made available in electronic form search every page for a passage or topic in only seconds
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My friend, Amanda, has some great New Testament Kids in the Word Bible Reading Journals for your family! Start the new year right with some new awesome Bible reading plans. Chock full of notebooking pages for kids of all ages to participate in active reading. My kids range from 3 to 13 and we can []The post Kids in the Word New Testament appeared first on Royal Little Lambs: Faith, Family, Health, Homeschool, and Heart Training.
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Chester Beatty Papyri | The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
"The Chester Beatty papyri, publish»
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by Dan
I have been interested in working out the relationship that God calls me to have with my fellow brothers in Christ. I did a quick search of the word “brother” in the ESV New Testament and below are the relevant verses that I found. I just thought it was interesting to read them and hopefully I will have more time to study this in the future. I thought I would just list them out for now: But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his bro»
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This is # 2 in a 4 post series featuring a few pictures from my travels in Israel with the Fuller Seminary crew. Part 1: Sites from the Old testament Part 2 (this one):  ”Intertestamental” and New Testament Part 3: Early/Medieval Church Part 4: Contemporary Israel Under each picture will be a quick description. Enjoy. Banias Masada Caesarea [...]
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  We know about God the Father, by the things He said about Himself in the Old Testament and those things that Jesus said about Him while He lived on earth. We know about Jesus by the things He said about Himself and the things the disciples said about Him. Today we’re going to focus on Jesus words in the Gospels, to Paul in Acts, and to all believers in Revelation. What Jesus Says About Himself if the New Testament Then Jesus said, “Come t»
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Here it comes. The Old Testament tells us stories about that mean and hateful God who basically was all about ‘Thou shalt not this, thou shalt not that’.  Always telling us what to do.  Always threatening us.  Pffft.  That OT God was homophobic, racist, and misogynistic.  That whole ‘Holy’ thing God is always complaining about is old news. Jesus, however, is my buddy, my pal, my homeboy!  In the new testament, we hea»
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Out with the Old and in with the New, let’s figure this stuff out; those who are in, those who are out. Preachers and theologians routinely tell me that Paul []
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Within our church tribe, we don’t make a very big deal of Lent (or really any other church holiday outside of Christmas and Easter). What the more liturgically minded churches have traditionally called for during the Lenten season (prayer, repentance, denial of self, etc.) are values that we feel should be evident throughout the year. So we basically ignore Lent and call it a man made tradition that we aren’t obliged to follow. We only follow»
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What Happened Between the Old and New Testament? | What's in the Bible
Phil Vischer talks about What's in the B»