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If you have been reading this blog for long, you realize that the majority of what I write is directed at those people that are followers of Christ AND in a position of leadership in business. Unfortunately, some disciples of Jesus are working for a non-believer or are otherwise in

The epistles are letters to Christians, people who had already obeyed to become real Christians. Sharing from Click link to read entire article. Satan's ministers prey on those who are ignorant of the basic structure of the Bible. The word "epistle" simply means a letter; like when you mail someone a letter it is addressed to who you are writing to. Satan's ministers prey on those who are ignorant of the basic structure of the Bible. You cannot really believe the Bible without believing the part about Satan having f ...


A blog by an English professor at a small, Christian college. The author writes about issues of faith, culture, and education, while attempting to engage the imaginations of believers and non-believers alike.


I was teaching a class of high-octane Christian women leaders on how to work with men in ministry. When the topic of appropriate attire surfaced, I could hardly keep from breaking out in laughter at the irony. Before me were women bemoaning the provocative way women dress these days, but four, yes, four, of them were showing enough cleavage to distract any man in our midst. I don't get the disconnect, the gap. Please know that I love these women dearly, and my intent is not to cause any sister to slink away in shame, but I love our brothers too. I know good men are ...


God has something to say to you... Want to hear what it is? Dan Buckhout blogs about the intimate, personal messages that are contained in God's Word, to edify believers and draw non-believers into relationship with Him.

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San Antonio Youth Pastor concerned about the new “nondiscrimination” law
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Thank you for joining me in this series on the "Nones".   You can find "Who are the 'Nones'"?, "Nones" part 1 by clicking here or begin reading below for a quick recap.   The people group described as the "Nones" are on the ri…
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In a recent post, Peter Rollins brings up an interesting idea about how many people base their relationships on what I would call false grace: … religion doesn’t simply offer a set of positions to conform to, it also offers the acceptable ways in which one can transgress these posi…
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Beware of self centered decisions. Your life is no longer yours as a new follower of Jesus, so you must immediately drop all ideas that you are in charge. Right now surrender all things into the hands of your new Lord and Savior, Jesus. Forevermore, the Bible is your
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Social networking has been all the rage on the internet for the past couple of years, the growth of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has been overwhelming. There is hardly anyone left with a computer that does not engage in a conversation with others on some type of social network. These