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Article | Devotionals >
Buckner adoption and maternity counselor Tara Moore shares a devotional thought on pain. If we desire to heal, we can't turn away from or cover up our pain. Thankfully we worship a God who can handle our pain and trouble!
Article | Church Leadership >
Dave Jenkins pulls five leadership principles from the story of Willis Reed's valiant efforts in the 1970 NBA Finals, despite being injured and in pain while playing.
Article | Inspiration >
Philip Yancey, author of "The Question That Never Goes Away," talks with FaithVillage about pain, suffering, Newtown, Japan, Sarajevo, natural disasters, and the Christian response to suffering.
Article | Christian Living >
Allison Vesterfelt examines ways to use pain for your benefit.
Article | Devotionals >
Only when your pain is greater than your fear will you decide to make a change. By Pastor Matt Wade.
Article | Health >
Dr. Axe presents 6 natural remedies you can easily implement to your lifestyle if and when you experience joint or bone pain.
Article | Film >
JR Forasteros reviews Michael Bay's latest film, "Pain and Gain."
Article | Health >
If you work out all the time, you might be familiar with pain and soreness. Here are some natural ways to reduce inflammation before you try pharmaceutical products.
Article | Emotional Health >
What do you hold on to when despair and pain rule the day?
Article | Christian Living >
Sometimes God doesn't stop the pain even though we pray that he will. Wayne Stiles takes a look at how Christians can respond when experiencing disappointment in God's delay.