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Audio | Preaching >
Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, preaches on the challenges of painful experiences and how God doesn't waste th»
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018 Infertility and Grief: Does the Pain Ever Go Away? | Sheridan Voysey
Does the pain and longing of a broken dream ever go away, or just lesson over time? In this podcast (and video) I give a»
Audio | Women >
We can’t go back and erase things that hurt us, but we can’t ignore them either. Instead, let’s process our pain w»
Audio | Church Leadership >
Tim Elmore is the founder and president of Growing Leaders, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization created to develop »
Audio | Audio >
This week the guys discuss 50 Shades of Grey (even though they know nothing about it), overly powerful parents and when »
Blog Entry | Art >
Julian Beever is an Italian Street Painter who has taken the art form too a whole other level. Literally into the third dimension. By the way, I do this too, though I haven’t ventured into the 3D realm yet. I can do it for outdoor events or even teach your group how to do it. Contact me for more info.
Blog Entry | Art >
When I first started doing my live paintings, I used canvasses. The problem was one of affordability. I either did smaller paintings that were probably too small to be done in front of an audience or I would have had to charge so much to do them because of the canvas prices that many people couldn’t have afforded to bring me it. It was a catch 22. Then one day, while watching some videos I saw my Facebook friend Scott Erickson doing some p»
Blog Entry | Art >
I hope it’s okay to list this here. I have quite a collection of paintings here at the house and they are stacking up. I also have some ministry financial needs, so I’ve decided to put a few of my pieces up for sale. The first piece is the painting I created on my most popular youtube video so far. It’s Sea of Faces (*see the video below). It took a huge amount of time to paint. It’s entirely painted on a jigsaw puzzle th»
Blog Entry | Culture >
September 28, 1963You may appreciate pop art, but did you know that Whaam!, a 1963 pop art piece painted by Roy Lichtenstein, is one of the best-known works of the art form? The painting was first... Read more!
Blog Entry | Health >
More than 100 people today helped paint a mural at the Baylor Dallas campus in support of those touched by cancer. The work took place at the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center as part of the two-day Hope Murals Project, a yearly national competition. Volunteers are painting a large version of Mary McIntosh Tepper’s piece “After the Storm,” a depiction of one of her late husband’s favorite spots, Cathedral Rock near S»