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Article | Preaching >
The words and actions of a pastor are intricately intertwined
Article | Care >
How can clinical pastoral education (CPE) help a pastor?
Article | Health >
A tribute to Florence Nightingale for pioneering the way for nurses and holistic health care
Article | Church Leadership >
Like Josh Hamilton's home-run hitting swing, a pastor's authority is neither guaranteed or permanent..
Article | Church Planting >
What's so striking about the early church? Each and every one of them were all in.
Article | Church Leadership >
Comparing yourself or your church to any other is a pointless pastoral pastime.
Article | Outreach >
It doesn't matter why they are imprisoned, because each one is a reminder of our own sinfulness and God's grace.
Article | Preaching >
Expand your abilities by expanding your knowledge, even of those you may disagree with.
Article | Higher Education >
Does the Spirit act in and through our lives?
Video | Emotional Health >
Narrative Medicine and Ministering to Patients | Dallas Theological Seminary
Dr. Darrell Bock, Eva Bleeker and Joe Fo»