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Article | Food and Hospitality >
Serving popcorn for dinner is one way this mom honors the saints and the sabbath alike.
Article | Food and Hospitality >
Try this exotic flavored popcorn, which includes coconut oil and a homemade spice mix, and keep to your clean eating habits.
Article | Health >
If you eat microwave popcorn instead of the traditional theater popcorn, you still could be causing your body harm.
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Is Microwave Popcorn Toxic?
In this week's What The Heck Are You Eat»
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Posted in RecipesSavory Some things you just can’t un-learn once you know them; like when you really master using chopsticks, or when you saw the images of McDonalds’ pink goop chicken McNugget batter you just can’t revert back to not knowing those things. Popping popcorn stove-top style is one of those for me. I can’t go back to the bag in the microwave. In fact, we trashed our entire microwave when we moved into to our home. Now, there»
Blog Entry | Health >
George Lilley chats with customer Sarah Finch at his popcorn machine at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine.Photograph: Star-Telegram, Ian McVea After emergency surgery for a burst appendix, George Lilley woke up in a hospital on a Christmas Day feeling depressed and a little frightened. Suddenly, Santa Claus appeared in the doorway with a Christmas card. The jolly old elf was in reality a hospital volunteer. “This guy was fantastic,”»
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Dad, Austin didn’t brush his teeth! Older sisters get so much satisfaction from throwing their little brothers under the allegorical bus (and depending on the day, they may even harbor fantasies of real ones). But she was right. My son’s date with Crest Plus for Kids had lasted all of about 3 seconds – not even long enough to vanquish the leftover smell of cupcakes on his breath, let alone promote good oral hygiene. He was trying to fulfill»
Article | Youth Leaders >
by Tim Price with Harvest
Youth leaders are sure to find at least one or two springboard ideas from Tim Price's list of 21 ideas for fall planning.
Article | Young Adults >
Always yearning for the next season of her life, Allison Vesterfelt comes to wise realization about appreciating what's right in f»
Article | Children >
How does the new VeggieTales release stand up to parents' and children's evaluation?