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On Popularity | Randy Alcorn
Do you think too much about what people »
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The Board of Directors of Ichthus Ministries, Inc. has announced that the organization has ceased operations after 42 years of ministry. Ichthus Ministries is best known for presenting the Wilmore-based Ichthus Music Festival, which was the first and longest-running ChristianThe post Ichthus Music Festival Cancelled as Popular Ministry Closes After 42 Years appeared first on
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What’s up with this crazy wild viral popularity of PSY and Gangnam style? Are millions being entertained because they’re laughing at Psy or laughing withPsy? What’s struck the nerve? First on YouTube, then appearances on mainstream media on the likes of TODAY show (9/14), The Ellen Show (9/10), MTV Video Music Awards (9/6), has fanned the flame, and extended the bandwagon for other coat-tailing trend-followers. There’s a surge of colo»
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What do you do with a leader who is popular with the people, but not respected as a leader?  Recently I received this question from a deacon chairman of a church. He is in a dilemma in his current position, watching the staff become a revolving door with constant turnover, the church is in steady decline, and yet the church loves their pastor. He has prayed about the situation, talked to others in leadership, and the consensus is that he needs t»
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It’s amazing how quickly 100 days goes by these days! If you recall, just 21 days ago I announced to the world that I was takin»
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by a less-than-popular Christian Blogger 1. Upload a picture of yourself drinking a cup of coffee. 2. Watch Stephen Colbert. 3. Make some sort of reference to Rachel Held Evans. 4. Talk about your past (naive) connections with cheesy Christian culture. 5. Come up with witty criticisms of cheesy Christian culture. 6. Occasionally offer an all-out-lament of cheesy Christian culture. 7. Make [...]
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What are the Facebook pages for churches and ministries with the most likes, aka fans? As we’ve entered the post-billion era of Facebook (the social network that surpassed 1 billion monthly active users on October 4th, 2012),  it’s time to update my previously manually-compiled list of top churches on Facebook back in February 2011. Recently found a handy web service called that makes it much easier to find the most liked Fa»
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Pouco tempo depois de cancelar a série “GCB”, acusada de ridicularizar os cristãos, a rede ABC marcou para 30 de setembro a estreia de “666 Park Avenue”. O roteiro é baseado no romance de mesmo nome, escrito por Gabriella Pierce, que falava sobre um prédio de apartamentos da ilha de Manhattan cujos inquilinos eram bruxas. O seriado, contudo, vai mais fundo. A história por trás do endereço na Park Avenue (local nobre de Nova York»
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I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for the release of Mumford & Sons’ new album tomorrow, called Babel. I came onto»
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In case you’ve missed a few Wedded Wednesdays, here’s your chance to get caught up! How to get your husband »