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Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
The most popular book of all time may not surprise you, it is of course - The Bible. The Bible has an interesting history. With thousands of translations, over forty original authors, and a two millennium history, let’s take a look below in the infographic at the trails, tribulations, changes, and status of the world’s most popular book.
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I’m struggling today. I’ve prayed and asked God to help me look past my agitation and choose my words carefully. What’s most important? The truth? Your opinion? Your friend’s opinions? Popularity? I wonder I watch the news and hear opinions presented as fact. I click...
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Snapchat is now more popular than Twitter among U.S. millennials. A report, from comScore, finds that 32.9% of Americans aged 18-34 had installed the Snapchat app on their phones in June 2014, trailing only Facebook (75.6%) and Instagram (43.1%).While the data says nothing about actual usage of social media apps, it does indicate that Snapchat's reach among young adults is remarkably high, especially when compared to a multi-billion dollar compan»
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Today, I'm sharing at The High Calling.The first time I was called a popular blogger was when twenty people were subscribed to my blog. A movement with a theological bent had sprouted on my undergraduate campus and I wrote a timely blog post critiquing what I saw as the problematic beliefs embodied by its leaders.The post enjoyed a few shares in the first hour and then quickly and exponentially grew into thousands of pageviews. Within a day, a nu»
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Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc Subscribe To Podcast With iTunesSubscribe To Podcast With RSS Subscribe To Podcast In Microsoft Store Live Life With Purpose Episode #028: Why “You Need to Make More Mistakes” Is My Most Popular Post  Show Notes - Why “You Need to Make More Mistakes” Is My Most Popu»
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Everyone always talks about their favorite book or books of the Bible. Yet rarely is the question or issue about the least favorite Bible book ever asked. Yet in the infographic below, the folks at the Overview Bible Project presents The Least Popular Books of the Bible (according to as to the books least read on their site),(ht: ChurchMag)
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Here are some of @bestministry's most popular tweets these past couple of months. If you are not following Ministry Best Practices on Twitter, let me encourage you to do so - our twitter account tweets great quotes, pictures and articles. Stuff that you won't find on the website and certainly stuff that you won't want to miss! Cookie Cutter Christians? -— MBP (@BestMinistry) May 28, 2014Jonathan Edwards #quote - p»
Blog Entry | Emotional Health >
Earthly popularity wins no angel points with God. I like to be liked. I like to be well thought of, admired and respected. In the Social Media world we can even measure the amount of popularity or influence [...] The post Popularity – Are You Trying To Win Approval? appeared first on Turning the Page.
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Popular kid’s chance of being bullied increases by more than 25 percent
Blog Entry | Culture >
The Department of Catholic Studies at DePaul University is inviting enrollment into one of its new course offerings to be taught by "the Divine Wedgie's" blogger at large and Visiting Professor, Matthew Tan, entitled "The Church and Popular Culture". The course, to be held in the Winter Quarter of 2014 (beginning 6th January), will explore pop culture through the lens of Catholic theology. It will demonstrate how pop culture is more than a system»