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Attend church online. Choose from among many of the popular preachers of today and watch them via streaming video.
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A look at our culture and why the Twilight saga is so popular today. Twilight offers the false hope of immortality while Christ of»
Article | Music >
The fact that Mumford and Sons is so widely popular tells us that people are still hungry for spiritual things.
Article | Books >
"One of the most remarkable things about Lewis is the range of genres he used to communicate messages about faith."»
Article | Church Planting >
As a church planter, don't fall into the trap of comparison.
Article | Bible Study >
What does Romans 6 say about baptism?
Video | Bible Study >
On Popularity | Randy Alcorn
Do you think too much about what people »
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About Social Ministries Discipleship:

Social Ministries Our mission is to involve the congregation in reaching out to people, both near and far, who are in need of Christ's love by relieving suffering, ministering to them and sharing the Gospel. The Social Ministry Discipleship is responsible for disbursing the funds allocated to outside organizations through the Gloria Dei annual budget. The allocated funds this year went to: Welcome House Family Promise United Ministries Lutheran Campus Ministry, I-K Synod ELCA World Hunger The congregation also budgets unallocated funds to meet current ...


“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt In February, popular Australian TV celebrity Charlotte Dawson took her own life. As I was pondering this article trying to gain inspiration, my wife Helen arrived home from work with the news that one of her work colleagues has committed suicide. According to SANE Australia (a mental health education organisation) mental illness affects approximately 20% of the population in which 14% suffer from anxiety related illnesses while 6% depression related illnesses (I would ima ...


If you’re struggling in your relationship right now, I have a pretty good idea what it feels like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. And I didn’t always have the support I needed. Neither of us did. I speak two languages: “Male” & “Female” As a woman, I get where women are coming from. Sometimes, we can be amazingly direct in asking for what we want. At other times, we’re not sure what we want, so we can also be pretty vague. Most of us have a hard time getting the men we love to understand us. It often feels like they’re just trying t ...