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Article | Preaching >
Attend church online. Choose from among many of the popular preachers of today and watch them via streaming video.
Article | Culture >
A look at our culture and why the Twilight saga is so popular today. Twilight offers the false hope of immortality while Christ of»
Article | Music >
The fact that Mumford and Sons is so widely popular tells us that people are still hungry for spiritual things.
Article | Books >
"One of the most remarkable things about Lewis is the range of genres he used to communicate messages about faith."»
Article | Church Planting >
As a church planter, don't fall into the trap of comparison.
Article | Bible Study >
What does Romans 6 say about baptism?
Video | Bible Study >
On Popularity | Randy Alcorn
Do you think too much about what people »
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About Social Ministries Discipleship:

Social Ministries Our mission is to involve the congregation in reaching out to people, both near and far, who are in need of Christ's love by relieving suffering, ministering to them and sharing the Gospel. The Social Ministry Discipleship is responsible for disbursing the funds allocated to outside organizations through the Gloria Dei annual budget. The allocated funds this year went to: Welcome House Family Promise United Ministries Lutheran Campus Ministry, I-K Synod ELCA World Hunger The congregation also budgets unallocated funds to meet current ...

Blog Entry | Holidays >
I’m struggling today. I’ve prayed and asked God to help me look past my agitation and choose my words carefully. What’s most important? The truth? Your opinion? Your friend’s opinions? Popularity? I wonder I watch the news and hear opinions presented as fact. I click...
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Snapchat is now more popular than Twitter among U.S. millennials. A report, from comScore, finds that 32.9% of Americans aged 18-34 had installed the Snapchat app on their phones in June 2014, trailing only Facebook (75.6%) and Instagram (43.1%).While the data says nothing about actual usage of social media apps, it does indicate that Snapchat's reach among young adults is remarkably high, especially when compared to a multi-billion dollar compan»