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Preaching in a Post-Christian Society | Jeffery Frymire
How can we preach in a post-Christian, p»
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John Wesley and Preaching | Dr. Michael Pasquarello III
For John Wesley, to preach meant to offe»
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Preaching | Brett Younger | Thirty Minute Seminary
Brett Younger, Associate Professor of Pr»
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Beautiful Preaching | Michael Pasquarello
In this Seven Minute Seminary from Asbur»
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Preaching Moment | Gary Charles
In this short clip, Gary Charles, with C»
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Preaching Moment | Eugene Peterson
Eugene Peterson answers the question, &q»
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Cat herding 101


I am almost perfect-note the "almost". Just ask my wife of 51 years. No, wait, don't ask her. She doesn't see everything like I do. Leaving our townhome early this morning to go meet a friend, the backdoor didn't close properly(why don't they close themselves?). Jean soon discovered a deep 38 degree chill flowing in around her. Not too good. Yesterday, I left a water hose running in the front and a neighbor came to tell me Noah had just floated by with the animals waving hello. Not too perfect. My excuse-I was very tired from watching sports until after 12 pm. M ...


ProPreacher is a site dedicated to helping pastors preach like pros. Preaching is the most important element of a church. 90% of visitors decide whether or not to return based solely on the preacher. ProPreacher provides articles and a community focused on helping each individual pastor become the best preacher they can be, so the Church can reach more people for Jesus.