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A program designed to help women make the best plan for their child: Buckner's maternity ministries.
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What does the emotional aftermath of a miscarriage look like?
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About Chosen Child Adoption Services - Pregnancy Counseling and Support:

The mission of Chosen Child Adoption Services is to place children with love into Christ-centered homes. We believe that God uses adoption as part of His plan to build families and to provide hope and ministry to birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted children.

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These twins have more family than anyone thought possible.
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Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
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Some dates made her laugh, some made her cry. But this date would change her life forever.
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Inspired by a mother's painful memories, a chaplain shares his thoughts on the grief over miscarriage.
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Dr. Josh Axe gives ten reasons why you should think about getting chiropractic treatment.
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Just 13. That’s the average age UNICEF reports that girls enter the commercial sex trade in the U.S.
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About St. Brendan's Anglican Church:

We, the members of St. Brendan’s, will pray and apply our spiritual gifts to: · proclaim the Good News, · build the body of Christ, and · love and serve our community.