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At the Austin Stone Community Church, Jesse Reeves speaks on Ephesians 2:19-22 and what it means to be in Christian comm»
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Dallas Willard and 'Living in Christ's Presence' | John Ortberg
"Author and pastor John Ortberg ref»
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Max Lucado continues his sermon series on the life of Joseph.
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Matt Blackwell, South Campus Pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX, preaches on Exodus 33:1-4 and 12»
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About Woodland Baptist Church:

To love God and people and to be His presence in the world.

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About Dallas Baptist University:

The purpose of Dallas Baptist University is to provide Christ-centered quality higher education in the arts, sciences, and professional studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to traditional age and adult students in order to produce servant leaders who have the ability to integrate faith and learning through their respective callings. The purpose of DBU's presence on FaithVillage is to provide useful resources for Christian leaders


Enter into God’s presence with new understanding and excitement when you discover what it means to be an Extravagant Worshiper. –


Through devotional "Daily Inspirations" and my "Emails to God" I endeavor to share Jesus' message of Love and Redemption, and to examine the impact God's Word and Presence has in our everyday lives.


this is my introductory blog here on fv...a million things going through my mind simultaneously, yet the one thing that always overrides everything else is my ever-present awareness of God's presence. it's been a weekend full of tragic national news, yet good things abound, and the blessings He gives are neverending, and i thank Him daily for all of it. with that being said, i'll close for now and listen to the rain and wind beating against the windows.. God bless my family and friends tonight.


The iChurch Method is simple: a method to help ministries advance the Kingdom online and take the gospel to the world. It’s a five part approach to taking your ministry online and reaching the world: Part 1: Website – A Great Website that is Easy-to-Use. Part 2: Multimedia – Interactive Multimedia. Part 3: Ecommerce – Online Stores/Online Donations. Part 4: Social Media – Engage and Connect. Part 5: Mobile – The Future of Technology and Ministry. With these five parts, a ministry can reach and change the world. The iChurch Method book is a MUST RE ...