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Article | Women >
Words of encouragement to women of all ages and stages that God has planned good works for them to do.
Article | Bible Study >
"Paul's letter to the Romans is deep water. The riches of God's word revealed in this book are abundant. This first lesson in»
Article | Money and Stewardship >
How have you saved for a greater purpose?
Article | Christian Living >
God has a plan for you.
Article | Cause >
The pursuit of meaning
Article | Devotionals >
Kristin Reads looks at Acts 16 and ruminates on the fact that the Christian life is, more often than not, not that easy.
Article | Evangelism >
Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples, a commission that extends to the present day, and yet Christians sometimes balk»
Article | Devotionals >
Don't waste your time. Allow God to redeem it.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
The story of one woman's liberation through scripture memorization.
Article | Collegiate >
Thoughts on faith