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Article | Work >
Personal and professional purposes should align for greatest impact, says Stewart, associate director of Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business.
Article | Work >
Business owner Chris Patton reflects on the greater purpose of Christians who own or manage businesses.
Article | Devotionals >
Dave Arnold shares three lessons he's learned about purpose through the challenges of life's struggles.
Article | Family >
Families should consider the question "What kind of family do we want to be this year?"
Article | Youth Leaders >
Andy Blanks of youthministry360 stresses the importance of finding the real purpose of your discipleship programs.
Article | Women >
Words of encouragement to women of all ages and stages that God has planned good works for them to do.
Article | Bible Study >
"Paul's letter to the Romans is deep water. The riches of God's word revealed in this book are abundant. This first lesson in our study of Romans will help us understand the purpose of this remarkable letter."
Article | Money and Stewardship >
How have you saved for a greater purpose?
Article | Christian Living >
God has a plan for you.
Article | Cause >
The pursuit of meaning