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Article | Women >
How can bringing radio ministry to South Sudan affect the lives and fortunes of women there?
Video | Small Groups >
Braggin' bout Small Groups on the Radio
Radio Interview I did for city event whe»
Audio | Audio >
Radio Sermon for 9-9-2012
TBC Radio Sermon with Roy Holly
Audio | Audio >
Living Inspired Radio "Sandy Ralya (The Beautiful Wife)"
The Beautiful Wife answers serious questions women have about their roles as wives. Discussing everything from romance a»
Audio | Music >
The latest podcast from New Release Tuesday looks at "WOW Hits 2014."»

I'm the producer of State of Belief Radio from Interfaith Alliance. Frequently, we explore topics that I sincerely wish to share with the community at faithvillage!


At The Journey, we strive to share the unchanging Word of God with an ever-changing world to help encourage, embolden, and challenge our listeners. We believe God has uniquely gifted Ron to teach scripture with compassion and unwavering truth, providing practical application to life’s greatest issues.

Article | Work >
4word's Diane Paddison interviews KCBI radio host Rebecca Carrell about balancing work and family.

Short answer: One day, when I was still living in Athens, a friend of mine and I were having lunch in Schlotzsky’s. We started talking about deep life issues, and then he drew a picture on a napkin. God said, “Yep.” Longer answer: We have a tendency to make our lives, faith, and cars far more complicated and full of unnecessary distractions than they need to be. In life, we tend to get hung up on names – everything from titles (ranging from your level of education to who you’re in a relationship with/defined by the company you keep), accolades, activiti ...


blogging randomly {rarely} on tv shows, tunes, my love for public radio, home improvement projects, cooking/baking, techie wanna-be geek stuff, my Mavs, and life in general!