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Article | Devotionals >
Bruce Chant put together a short top 10 list of Advent devotional readings, perfect for taking the time to await the celebration of Christ's birth at Christmas.
Article | Bible Study >
A comprehensive Bible-reading plan has awakened one Christian's hunger for reading the Word.
Article | Bible Study >
Chelsea Maxwell offers 10 steps toward better understanding what you may read in the Bible.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
You likely had the best intentions to read the Bible, but now you're bogged down. How can you learn to love to read it?
Article | Small Groups >
A failure to read the Bible daily shows that you love the things of this world more than God, but that can change.
Article | Bible Study >
How should the seismic shifts of the Western world affect the way Christians in the West read the Bible?
Article | Technology >
"Vyrso brings you ebooks written by Christians for Christians."
Article | Youth >
by with FERVR
Do we REALLY need to read the Bible to be faithful Christians?
Article | Youth >
Finding love for God's Word again.
Article | Bible Study >
Are there lessons to be learned from the brutal books of Joshua and Judges?