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Article | Small Groups >
Dave Dunham considers the role of small groups in regards to confession, discipleship and accountability.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
No more ungrateful temper tantrums
Article | Christian Living >
how do we react when given a second chance? With gratitude & change, or with relief at having gotten away with it?»
Article | Discipleship >
Jonathan Storment says discipleship is learning how to live like Jesus would if Jesus was living your life. He gives the reminder »
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Carey Nieuwhof offers a cure for the deathly diagnosis of the church in western culture.
Article | Devotionals >
Pastor Carey Nieuwhof encourages Christians to seek forgiveness ... from themselves.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Theologian N.T. Wright finds the parable of the fig tree to be quite strange, even "sinister." It’s a hard pill to ta»
Article | Devotionals >
Blake Coffee on how to get that log out of your own eye before helping someone else with their plank (Matthew 7).
Article | Spiritual Growth >
While we may talk about sin in large scale terms, we often fail to make that personal connection with our own sin that is necessar»
Article | Devotionals >
In Matthew 26 and 27, we're presented with two biblical men who betrayed Jesus and were sorrowed by their actions. Yet one man rep»