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Article | Bible Study >
Jeff Randleman provides four tips on how to better incorporate daily routines into your life, like Bible reading.
Article | Wellness >
Ruthie's husband Jon makes her workout routines for her. Here, she shares the latest fitness routine and how you can get in shape »
Article | Relationships >
Relationships are just like everything else worth salvaging. Forsake the maintenance, and pay the price.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Resting daily, weekly, monthly, and regularly can help you in all areas of your life, and especially in your walk with God.

Just a righteous babe blogging about what it looks like to become a modern apostle in today's crazy world. I think that in the process of living (or trying to live) a righteous life, we can easily get into a comfortable routine. My goal in life is to live it searching and climbing and sometimes falling on my face, all for Christ. Comfortable doesn’t fit in the life of Jesus very easily, so it shouldn’t for mine either.

Article | Christian Living >
Ed Cyzewski examines some resources to help us get in the habit of including Christ in our day.
Article | Health >
Fitness blogger Sarah shares her 8-minute ab routine.
Article | Writing >
Writing disciplines mirror what we need in our spiritual walk.
Article | Family >
A nightly routine with your kids will help establish security and stability in their lives.
Article | Health >
A complete workout that requires no equipment or gym and can be done in your home or in your backyard? Improve your health and fit»