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Blog Entry | Music >
 Routine is something we as humans desire and detest. We love routine and habit, and more often than not, to be successful, we have to have to be diligent in our routines. But yet, we want to break out of those routines, because those routines become stale and boring. In my world as a church musician, that routine is typically broken over the summer. Rehearsals take a break, the schedule gets a little more flexible and free. It's just the right»
Blog Entry | Women >
My original intent was to start off talking about morning routines, but it was soon brought to my remembrance that the key to a great morning starts the night before. So that is where we will begin. Keep in mind, however, that once the morning routine comes into play the actual times in your bedtime routine may need to change to make sure you are getting the optimum amount of sleep. Building a bedtime routine can be done in a few simple steps: 1.»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Tell me if this sounds familiar: every day you end up rushing out the door for work at a different time and you have no idea why you’re running late. A morning routine sounds more like a wishlist than a reality. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a morning routine you were proud of? The good news is, you can. And you can start it tomorrow. How to become a morning person There was one thing I was certain I would never be—a morning person. I natur»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Beep. Beep. Beep. 6:00 A.M. Snooze. Beep. Beep. Beep. 6:09 A.M. No sleeping in today or for the next five days. It’s another Monday. Ah Mondays – those days filled with the R-word. Routine. Get ready for work. Drive to work. Work in the same mesmerizing cube. Check email. Eat lunch. Work some more. Head home. Check Facebook. Exercise. Check Email. Read. Check Twitter. Eat dinner. Check email. Watch some TV. Check Facebook. Tweet. Read some m»
Blog Entry | Blogs >
I know that this post goes against my nature and against things I may have posted in the past. I still stand by my comfort level in having a dependable routine, and I still believe that routines are important for establishing healthy patterns that need to be repeated. Routines can also help to put an end to bad habits. But sometimes the reverse is true. Sometimes it’s healthy to get out of your routine. My recent trip to Guatemala was certainly»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
  If you’re just joining us this morning, I’m in the middle of a blog series that walks us through a 6 step decision making process based off of Old Testament scripture, Jeremiah 6:16. If you want to start from the beginning and read forward, click here. Not enough time? That’s okay. Either start here or go back one blog (click here) to review where I left off in Step 3. *** “And in that moment, I felt my own ignorance spread suddenly»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Photo Courtesy: IMs BILDARKI on Flickr   “Who are you to write about living the intentional life?” Okay, no one has actually asked me this question to this point (no wise guys now), but I occasionally imagine a harsh blogosphere critic posing such a query. And that’s completely okay with me. The fact of the matter is I don’t have the enormity of this thing called life figured out, as I am an ordinary guy living life in reflection and in»
Blog Entry | Writing >
Who can resist a story filled with adventure, suspense, drama and mystery? A story with these elements easily captures our attention, no matter how old or young we may be. However, we often forget that the gospel story has all these characteristics, and it’s a true story that has the power to save. Longtime children’s ministry leader Marty Machowski brings the entire family together to rediscover the excitement of the gospel by taking a deep»
Blog Entry | Inspiration >
It’s Friday and time for Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo.  It’s a time to “write for five minutes not worrying if every thing is just right.”   If you would like to join in the fun CLICK HERE. Today’s Prompt:  CHANGE Change freaks me out more than I like to admit. I like routine. I get up between 5:00 and 5:30 every morning. I walk downstairs. I smooch on the top of my old puppy dog’s head and whisper in her ear, you are such a go»
Blog Entry | Family >
The bus arrives back into eh neighborhood and the kids run through the door tossing their school bags, shoes and coats running full on to the pantry door  – hang on they maybe hungry but who is going t pick up the clutter they just created across my entry way, who is going to make sure I get those teacher letters and what about those germy hands that just entered my clean world? does this sound like your after school routine?  They you must r»