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2 Ways to Make Running More Fun | Livestrong Woman
If you hate running just the thought of »
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Motivational Running Video
Get motivated to start your own running »
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The guys have discovered a "brand new" technology for making podcast. They are "cutting edge" now! »
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He Almost Died While Running | Heart and Vascular Health
Matt Kieffer, 37, just finished his firs»
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Heights. Spiders. Death. Failure. The dark. Our fears come in all shapes and sizes. But where do they come from? Is it w»
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Author and award winning speaker Rick E. Meyer shares insight gained in running through life on faith. While tip-toeing along the edge of exhaustive collapse, the rapid cadence continues powered by the Light of Christ.

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Running on Faith: Timeless Principles for Winning Life's Marathon by Rick E. MeyerIntroduction  My legs burn with fatigue! The Kearney Good Samaritan Hospital 5K starts in a matter of moments, and others question my sanity again! I quip to Erich and Tom, “This will be a good mental toughness workout.” Perhaps the 5:30 a.m. 6-mile run and the 120 weekly miles of training contribute to the intense fatigue. As the gun fires at 8:06, Kearne»
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You’re thinking I didn’t keep up with my running on vacation, aren’t you? Well, HA!! Check me out. Okay, but I am always honest with you.  Normally, now I am running three miles a day.  Mountain running required a major mileage adjustment — like a mile and half . . . with rest breaks.  The elevation I am standing at in the picture is 7,902 feet.  The elevation at home is 1, 161 feet. That will suck the oxygen out of a gal. But check»
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Obedience is hardand sometimes it can wear you out. That’s what happened to David. Exhausted from running from Saul, David decided to escape to the enemy. This man after God’s own heart moved into enemy territory, settled in Ziklag, and lived in disobedience for sixteen months. In this series, we take a journey to Ziklag. We will learn what tempts us to live there. We will learn the consequences of settling there. And we will learn how we can»