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Article | Theology >
Pastor Taylor Sandlin often hears about two mistakes Christians make when it comes to their salvation, so what biblically-based answers can help those struggling with understanding their salvation?
Article | News >
by Ken Camp with ABPNews
The Walking Dead, Doomsday Preppers and Left Behind may have more in common than meets the eye.
Article | Technology >
Today's technological has the insistent, persistent, consistent ability to turn our minds from greater things. Duane Scott fears it may be turning our souls away from God too.
Article | Evangelism >
Ruthie shared the gospel and gained a new sister, and friend.
Video | Music >
SALVATION RISE | Behind the Music
Justin Land, Studio Director at NewSpring Church talks about the vision behind Salvation Rise, a new…
Video | Music >
'You Are My Salvation' | Martin Smith
Official music video for "You Are My Salvation" by Martin Smith.
Audio | Music >
Phil Wickham | God Of Our Salvation
Phil Wickham's song "God Of Our Salvation" from the album "Response" - be sure a…
Audio | Preaching >
J.D. Greear teaches on assurance, out of Hebrews.
Video | Children >
Sharing the Gospel and Salvation | What's in the Bible
In the last installment of our Easter video series, What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer explai…
Video | Small Groups >
Salvation: Abundant Life Now | Shane Hipps
animate. Faith is the new adult small group resource from sparkhouse. This excerpt comes from Sessio…