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Article | Youth Leaders >
Thankfulness might just be the cure for bitterness for Christian youth ministers.
Audio | Marriage >
Overcoming Selfishness in Marriage (pt 2)
Focus on the Families marriage-building series talks about conquering selfishness
Audio | Marriage >
Overcoming Selfishness in Marriage (pt 1)
Focus on the Family's series on strengthening marriages
Article | Relationships >
In chapter 13, Ruthie and Michael discuss the messy issues couples must face in order to grow a healthy relationship.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Ron Edmondson shares the seven things that most frustrate him about leading a church.
Article | Parenting >
Moms and Dads, have you ever been guilty of some of these?
Article | Youth >
May we think of ourselves with sober judgment.
Article | Marriage >
Observations after seven months of marriage
Article | Church Leadership >
Carey Nieuwhof discusses ways in which leaders can learn from current events associated with Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Chu»
Article | News Commentary >
Kari Baumann draws on the character of Atticus Finch to process a tragic week marked by the death of an unarmed teen in Ferguson,»