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Hey everyone!! I'm so sorry I haven't been here in awhile. A lot of things have happened  in the past week and a half. To name a few...Been doing a lot of maid of honor duties for a couple of my best friends...yay!!Got a part time job as a bridal consultant! (One of my dream jobs...I'm obsessed with weddings). I started last Friday...God is good! :)Started a new class - "Perspectives: World Christian Movement" (I'll be talking about this more»
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  It seems like every Christian around is aware of the pending execution of Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran for not recanting his Christian faith. The story is one that evokes awe from Christians as they watch helplessly while a man is being imprisoned and sentenced to death for holding to his convictions and his faith in Christ. Fortunately, as this story unfolds it’s not only Christians that are moved but non-Christians as well. Even the U.S. Gove»
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Been awhile since I wrote something you know as just writing. So here goes. roll with the rambling—there is a point to it, even if I’m still trying to fully nail it down myself. That said, a lot of the reason for both the recent lack and this current post would be that I’m still processing and/or trying to live into what I’m dealing with. In fact, there’s a quote in Lay It Down (buy it now, kids) that seems as prophetic now as it seemed»

There are events which happen that can’t be explained in ways that might make sense to others. Events which on the surface seem impossible, except you experienced it! Personally, deeply, unforgettably you know this event was not happenstance. The event, that experience is the result of a divine appointment. Divine appointments are moments that never escape the memory. In those escape-less moments our brain is so deeply seared that a permanent marker is erected. A historical sign post that will never allow you to lose the significance of that moment, that even ...


After Jesus's birth, King Herod became disturbed when a group of astrologers or "œwise men" from the east (thought to be Persia or Babylon) called the Magi arrived in Jerusalem. The Magi had been following a star belonging to the newly born "œKing of the Jews". Herod derived the time from which Jesus had been born from the Magi accounts of when the star had first appeared. King Herod then tricked the Magi by asking them to find the child so that he would worship him. In reality, King Herod, who was renowned for his paranoia, didn"™t want any challenge to his rule, t ...

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It is a strange thing how sometimes merely to talk honestly of God, even if it is only to articulate our feelings of separation and confusion, can bring peace to our spirits. You thought you were unhappy because this or that was off in your relationship, this or that was wrong in your job, but the reality is that your sadness stemmed from your aversion to, your stalwart avoidance of God. The other problems may very well be true, and you will have»
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photo creditQUESTION #1 Collaborations: a good idea? Every journey starts with a separation, a leave-taking, a realization that the place you are right now is a place where you can no longer stay. -Justine Musk In 2011, it seemed that everything I was creating was a collaborative effort. I lived outside of the United States for the majority of 2010. So when I arrived home I found myself saying YES TO ANYTHING my friends were working on in an effo»
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The First Amendment establishes separation between church and state, meaning that religion has no place in the government. The First Amendment’s establishment clause limits what teachers can say about religion in the classroom. Right? Actually, not so much…. Now, yes, the courts have interpreted the First Amendment to mean exactly this and thus it has become the law of the land, but this is by no means what our Founding Fathers intend»
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[Guest Post by Kathy Moore - I have been walking alongside my friend through her separation, and then divorce. It has been especially hard to watch as the gossip train has started, and doesn't seem to stop. If you are a "Christian" who knows others who have been destroyed by gossip, please forward this to them. If you are one of them -- be encouraged by my friend Kathy's story today.] I am divorced.   Out of obedience to the Lord, I have been si»
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“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” or so the saying goes. The indeterminate separation of one from another provokes a longing akin to affection, but milder. The saying forgets, however, []