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023 The Seven Signs of Forgiveness | Sheridan Voysey
ew of us get through life without experiencing some deep offence done to us. How do we forgive the offenders? Should we »
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God did not call us to flame out, drop out, quit or compromise. He wants us to lead well and finish well in the ministry»
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Do heavenly signs signal the coming of end-time events? Pastor Mark Biltz shares how God may be using the sun, the moon and the stars to communicate with us and that when such heavenly activity falls on Feast days that it possibly points toward something prophetic on the horizon. Today we’re going to learn exactly what that is! Join Rabbi Jonathan Bernis and Pastor Mark Biltz as they give us a deeper understanding of what is called the bloo»
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You gotta love church signs. So often trying too hard to be funny or clever...but in the end they just end up either being cliche', offensive or terrible groaner puns. Enjoy this video parody below that is an appropriate tribute to the church signs that we all know and love. 
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A forgotten lunch date here and a sudden mood change there might not seem like much to be concerned about. But when put together, these can be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects memory, communication, judgement and quality of life. “Getting someone with Alzheimer’s disease into treatment early gives us the best opportunity to manage it and stay on top of symptoms,” says Cindy Marshall, MD, medical director at the Memory Cen»
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Posted by MichaelGrowth is a good thing, but it's also an easy thing to lose sight of. Here are three signs that you may be stagnant in your personal or spiritual growth:1)You are very comfortable.                                             Growth and comfort rarely go together. There’s nothing wrong with comfort, it is very often needed, and always welcome when it comes. Growth usually entails facing new challenges an»
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If our religion does not set us on fire, it is because we have frozen hearts. –E.M. Bounds The early warning signs of a hard heart Merriam Webster defines hard-hearted as “lacking in sympathetic understanding : unfeeling, pitiless” [1]. The story of the Exodus in the Bible speaks more of the hardening of the heart than most other biblical stories (referenced 20 times in the first 14 chapters), and it vividly warns us of the difficulties a h»
Blog Entry | Culture >
This video by singer/songwriter Dustin Ah Kuoi was released only days ago but is getting passed around the web with lightning speed. It's called "Church Signs" and is a parody of Robin Thicke's... Read more!
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Cheryl and I have been very intentional to protect our marriage. Every marriage bond can slip if the couple doesn’t recognize the signs of stress in the marriage and address them. For us, we look for warning signs we need to take some extended time and invest in the marriage. That could be a long weekend or a day trip, or just a time where we turn off the television and talk. We have learned these mini-breaks from routine have helped us maintai»