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Article | Singles >
Why do singles groups always have to look like competitions?
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Tim Spivey urges pastors to more often consider the single people in their congregations and church staff.
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  • Location: Batavia, OH

About Seeking Singles for fun and possible marriage:

A wholesome clean group of singles to discuss life, love and anything they want to share or have others to pray about. A place where romance and love might be found.

Video | Singles >
Singles and 'The Sacred Search' | Gary Thomas
Bestselling author Gary Thomas talks with's Kelley Mathews about singles and marria…
Video | Singles >
Singles Talk About Singleness - Full Circle Ladies
The Full Circle Ladies talk about the ins and outs of singleness.
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  • Location: Boulder, CO

About ChristianCrush:

A group for Christian singles looking to discuss topics about cultivating Christ honoring romantic relationships

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  • Location: The Dalles, OR

About Adventuresome Romance:

Women who desire to live full lives as singles, while they (actively) wait on the LORD for a husband.

Blog Entry | Marriage >
  Singles, married people never argue with me when I quote James 3:2, that we all stumble in many ways. You don’t have to convince anyone who is married that the human heart is evil and has a propensity to go astray. We see the evil in our own hearts
Blog Entry | Young Adults >
Singles need love this holiday season. The month before I met my husband Marc was the loneliest month ever. I hated the thought of spending one more holiday season alone. After spending almost my entire twenties single, December and I did not get along. That is why I am excited
Blog Entry | Marriage >
I used to love eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They tasted so good—until, thirty minutes later, they sunk into my stomach like the batch of fried dough that they are. I paid the price for those thirty seconds of delight (I can eat doughnuts quickly). We all have foods where we