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Sisterhood: From Alone to Known
A video introduction to Jackie Roese's s»
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About Miller's Creek Reader's Group:

This group is for those who enjoy the Miller's Creek novels (Christian Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Fiction) by Cathy Bryant. Here we discuss the characters, stories, and most importantly the spiritual themes behind the books. Visit our sister site on Facebook:

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Colorado Springs, Colo.  – - On the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, indie sister duo The Sonflowerz release their new EP Love Walked In tomorrow, September 10.  Available at and through digital service providers including Amazon and iTunes, the six-track Love Walked In was The post Following Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Indie Sister Duo The Sonflowerz Release New EP Love Walked In appeared first on MicErn»
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We are commanded by Jesus and the apostles to love one another. Hating one another is a sin. But the apostle John says it like this: 1 John 2:9-11 NIV Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness.»
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Drum roll, please. The Sisterhood has reconvened after vacations, VBS, pink eye (twice), and ruptured eardrums – to present our finished products. Did I mention that I switched 2 numbers of the address on the package headed to Oregon (of course)? Thankfully the USPS sent the box all the way back to the east coast for me to fix a digit (and give it a free second ride across the country). Sorry for the hold up, everybody. Speaking of hold upsI tr»
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We’re throwing down the craft gauntlet, my friends. The Sisterhood has been called to order. Some of the best bust-a-gut-laughter topped with frappucino-spurting-moments happen around tables full of happily crafting chicas. Pinterest makes me ”homesick” for a late nights working on super-fandangled projects with girlfriends. While I thoroughly enjoy making new friends across the craft table, there is something extra-special about reuniting»
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I have a prayer request.....My oldest sister has Chiari Malformation. She (with my Mom and her hubby) will be flying several states away this weekend for her to have brain surgery this coming Monday.I have full faith she will do great....we serve the ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN after all BUT I would greatly appreciate all your prayers and I know she would as well.Please pray for safe flights and trips and for my sister as she undergoes major surgery,PL»
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An excerpt from Dom Helder Camara’s classic book Sister Earth: Creation, Ecology and the Spirit Dom Helder Camara Paprback: New City Press, 2008. Buy now:  [ Amazon ] Widgets
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In a couple of weeks, I am going to visit my sister. So what makes this visitation blog worthy? Well, I have only seen my sister 4 times in the past 13 years!  Brittney was born the winter term of my senior of high school in 1996. I spent the next 8 months loving her as best as I knew how. I took her to church, showed her off every chance I got, and helped out with taking care of her when I could. She was my brand new little sister and I k»
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I believe there are different kinds of friendships. I think God loves variety (look at our world!) and friendships are no exception. This isn’t to say that one kind of friendship is all two friends can have. No, there are seasons, there are moments, when one kind of friendship melts into another. Friendships change and evolve just as people do. But in my life, there are a few distinctive kinds of friendships I find myself having. One is sister»