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Sisterhood: From Alone to Known
A video introduction to Jackie Roese's s»
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This group is for those who enjoy the Miller's Creek novels (Christian Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Fiction) by Cathy Bryant. Here we discuss the characters, stories, and most importantly the spiritual themes behind the books. Visit our sister site on Facebook:

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An excerpt from Dom Helder Camara’s classic book Sister Earth: Creation, Ecology and the Spirit Dom Helder Camara Paprback: New City Press, 2008. Buy now:  [ Amazon ] Widgets
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In a couple of weeks, I am going to visit my sister. So what makes this visitation blog worthy? Well, I have only seen my sister 4 times in the past 13 years!  Brittney was born the winter term of my senior of high school in 1996. I spent the next 8 months loving her as best as I knew how. I took her to church, showed her off every chance I got, and helped out with taking care of her when I could. She was my brand new little sister and I k»
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***REPOST from September 2010*** This is part one of a series of ideas I want to share from my PAST experience. I’m a girlfriend who wants to share so that you, my friends, might learn from me rather than deal with the heartache yourself. I’ve been in the corporate world for going on eight years... read more »
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The special gift and ability of each creature defines its special limitations. And as the bird easily comes to terms with the necessity of bearing wings when it finds that it is, in fact, the wings that bear the bird — up, away from the world, into the sky, into freedom — so the woman who accepts the limitations of womanhood finds in those very limitations her gifts, her special calling — wings, in fact, which bear her up into perfect freed»
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Fueling debates over marriage and religious freedom, a federal judge declared Utah laws criminalizing polygamy are unconstitutiona»
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Shawn Small shares a letter and prayer that C.S. Lewis wrote to his "older sister in the Faith," Sister Penelope.»
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Before Elvis and Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash. Before Aretha and Whitney and Beyonce. Before the blues met gospel and conceived roc»
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A child purposefully gets his sister in trouble, framing her for his own sin. The moment stuck with Jeremy Statton, then transform»