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Article | Family >
Dr. Meg says that babies actually need sleep training.
Article | Health >
Personal trainer Damien Woodson advises those who are having trouble losing weight to get more sleep. Combining proper nutrition, »
Article | Health >
How ensuring you're getting enough sleep at night will help you reach your weight loss goals.
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God wants our lives, not just our songs.
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'Wake Up Sleeper' (Live) | Gungor
Gungor performs "Wake Up Sleeper&qu»
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Call It What It Is | Sleeperstar
Official music video for "Call It W»
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The Bible may seem like mostly a book for religion but it is actually information from the rulers of the immortal world called Heaven, and who are also creators of our world, informing us of who we are, what we need to do to become immortal so that we can enter their world. Heaven is an infinite expanse of varieties of unusual worlds and beings including Christ and God (Revelations 1:13-17). They are all unknown beings called spirits and they are not locked into a particular outer form as we are. Christ is the son of God (John 8:23) and came into the human world so ...

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Sleep is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle: it affects your energy levels, your weight, your attitude, your mental functions, and even how your body functions.  When you get enough consistent sleep, you are a healthier and happier person. If you’re one of the Americans who say they’re not getting enough sleep at night, your technology habits may be to blame. Technology use right before bedtime is harmful to your sleep says the 2011»
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Moving Free® with Mirabai Sleep and Weight Gain By: Mirabai Holland, MFA © 2012   Eating fewer calories, exercising more and still having a hard time getting those extra pounds off? Here’s a question for you: How’s your sleep? I for one, every time I travel, seem to gain a couple of pounds just when I want to look my best. I noticed that I tend to sleep less and intermittently when I am on the road. Once I settle again in a place, my sleep»