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Been thinking a bit about our culture here in the good ol’ USofA. Sheesh. We’re a bunch a weirdos.  Have you ever thought about it? Okfor instancehere are a few things that confuse the HECK outta me 1 // Sorority Pose (i.e., the group of girls all bending at the knee in a photo) Really? [...]
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? Psalm 42:2 Sundays start early at Casa della Milholland. Scott arrives at church by 7. The sorority follows for the 8:00 am service. We coax our kids and their friends with donuts since this is the only service accompanied by frosting-coated, sprinkle-encrusted goodness. Most Sundays we arrive with at least one extra girl. We girls blast down the stairs like a brood o»
Blog Entry | Health >
Why was Sabre founded? A few had a mission to educate and advocate for the personal safety of college-aged students by empowering them to take control of their own personal security. SABRE wants to help college students to be free to enjoy and maximize their experience on campus by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to be informed. A personal side story Can I let you in a something a little scary? Here at the University of Flor»
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Friends, Today continues our new series where we have a guest blogger who shares their testimony with us! Becca Simmons is a friend to us and she is a junior at NC State University. She is currently majoring in Animal Science. Her testimony is a blessing and you will be captivated by her transparency and story! Part Two is coming tomorrow so stay tuned! With great JOY in His salvation, Leeanne ———— I grew up in a big family with 4 sibli»
Blog Entry | Culture >
In March, I will be attending the Messenger Fellowship Summit, which has leaders from all over the world gathering to provide answers to specific questions about the present-day church.  My last blog post tackled the first question, “Where is the Church Headed?” and I will continue going through the other questions this summit hopes to give voice to.   Why are so many people leaving the [organized] church?  I feel you need to put the place»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
“Acceptance Speech” by Lynn Powell The radio’s replaying last night’s winners and the gratitude of the glamorous, everyone thanking everybody for making everything so possible, until I want to shush the faucet, dry my hands, join in right here at the cluttered podium of the sink, and thank my mother for teaching me the true meaning of okra, my children for putting back the growl in hunger, my husband, primo uomo of dinner, for not begrudg»
Blog Entry | Family >
Friends,I'm excited to have Leigh Miller as my guest blogger today! She has a passion for helping parents who have picky-eater kids! Leigh has been working in the area of nutrition for over ten years. Blessing and Bon Appetit! ~LoriMy  granddaughter is a "picky eater".  Cecelie has her favs: noodles, gold fish, chicken nuggets. Sometimeson her daring food days, she’ll ingest apple sauce and bananas. Her parents are just happy she will eat  A»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Practices >
I chose to visit the Baptist and Pentecostal churches last because I have history with them. I’ve been (mostly) unbiased this year, but these next two months will probably be the hardest. So today, I thought I’d share a little bit of my history with the Baptist Church. In my hometown, there were two major Baptist churches: The Trinity Baptist Church and the First Baptist Church. Both had very popular youth groups, but most of my friends were»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Marriage doesn’t hit the skids because two people can’t get along. Marriage goes south when God’s three fundamental components are ignored. Amazing how we can screw things up when we don’t follow the directions. God’s three essential marriage components are given in Genesis, repeated by Christ in the gospels, and by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. God says that a man will leave his father and mother, be united to his wife, and they»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I was so excited to launch our KIVU Gap Year class 2012-2013 this weekend in Denver.  What an AWESOME group!!  They are getting ready to have the experience of a lifetime!   When I talk about the Gap Year, a lot of people ask, "What is that?"  Often consumed with the cultural drive to get in the "best" college, or apply for the most "prestigious" scholarship.  Many people overlook the reality of what's going on at the University level.   Mo»