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Article | Wellness >
God speaks to us as whole beings, both spiritual and physical, made in His image. We do damage to ourselves when we splice this image.
Article | Health >
Amber shares insight on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with tips on nutrition and fitness.
Article | News >
Duke Divinity School's Clergy Health Initiative developed a program to provide preventative care for clergy in a spiritual context.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
An excerpt from Stress Point: The Twists and Turns of Growing Spiritually by Sarah Francis Martin
Article | Health >
A tribute to Florence Nightingale for pioneering the way for nurses and holistic health care
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Spiritual Rhythms in Community is a challenging read that spurs spiritual growth, both in one's inner spiritual life and outer spiritual practices.
Article | Wellness >
Why one woman chose Rick Warren's "The Daniel Plan" to get healthy
Article | Food and Hospitality >
10 tips to get spiritually fit
Article | Christian Living >
Principles learned from experience
Video | Cause >
OneHope: Spiritual State of the World's Children
Eye-opening statistics collected from children and youth around the world!