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This fourth week in January, we’re caught in a changing of the tide. For we who indulged in Christmas feasting and snacking now take a solemn vow of health and wellness, stocking up on protein powder and taking advantage of yoga mat sales. It’s a cliche, but it happens annually. My pastor opened his sermon yesterday with some stats on the new year’s surge toward physical fitness, and offered up the logic that if we are going to»
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Recently, I started an ongoing series of posts called Establishing Spiritual Disciplines. In this series, I’m looking at several key disciplines that you and I need to develop in our lives if we want to grow spiritually. These are individual disciplines, but the same holds true for church growth as well: If you want your church to grow, there must be certain healthy key characteristics present. If they aren’t there, the options are simple; ei»
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Spiritual “fatigue” can set in as we become exposed to the continual hardships of those around us. As we go out into the world to share the hope of the Gospel, it’s vitally important that we keep in mind that the burdens, grief, and sorrows of others can affect our spiritual health. This morning as I [...]The post Spiritual Healthcare – How to Avoid Becoming a Wounded Warrior appeared first on FaithsMessenger.Com.
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Awhile back I wrote post where I explained that the most important part of student ministry is student pastor or student ministry volunteer’s own relationship with God. Everything we do in student ministry is second to our relationship with God. The most important thing a student pastor or volunteer can do is make sure their own relationship with God is healthy. A few weeks ago we did a training day for all of our student ministry volunteers ac»
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A couples of weeks I wrote on meeting The Four Needs of Every Wife. This episode is all about how husbands can help lead their wife toward having their spiritual needs met. To download more episodes and subscribe to this podcast, go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio Show Notes:   Helping Your Wife Spiritually: 1. Emphasize “Being” Before Leading 2. Break the Prayer Barrier – Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James Dobson 3. Remember You»
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Service plays an important role in our spiritual health, listen to this 14 minute discussion to find out how.
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Small Groups can help the leadership of the church gauge the overall spiritual health of a congregation
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Why do we need healthy boundaries? You cannot break free from unhealthy individuals while standing in their presence. You will need healthy boundaries, because without healthy boundaries it will almost be impossible to maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is very important to stay alert, to develop a heightened sense of awareness, similar [...]
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Last time we talked about how it’s biblical to pray for healing, and such prayers don’t have to be to the exclusion of outreach to the lost. But we ended with a caveat: We must stop praying for healing when God says no, as He did to Paul. “Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9 Yes, someti»
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This was the #2 post of 2013. All the principles still apply to 2014! What do the following things have in common? Exercise more Lose weight Improve my relationships Pay off debt Get organized Every year these items pop up in lists of the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions. Do you plan on making resolutions for 2014? The first of the year is a great time to start fresh, set goals, and begin something new. In fact, it’s the perfect time to evaluat»