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Blog Entry | Women >
This week it’s time to practice the lion-hearted virtue of courage. We all have a bit of the cowardly lion in us, even those of us Type A extroverts. No matter your bravado or cool veneer, we all want to tuck our tail between our legs when we face those
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Houses of the Not-So Holy For the last month or so I have been drawn back into classic rock mode. I blame Pandora. I think it all started with wanting to listen to an old Blood, Sweat and Tears song that randomly ran through my head. “You made me so

It's easy to forget about God, and the spiritual practices that bring us into alignment with God's principles, as we move through life focusing on all the details of family, work, and play. The purpose of this blog is a call to all Christians to be intentional about the spiritual practice of putting God first in all the aspects of our life.


Everyday Liturgy exists to be not merely a blog but a conversation. Too often blogs become bastions of individual expertise, a place to go to find someone’s opinion on everything, instead of a place to interact and grow. As we are all about theology and spiritual practice, a conversation is the only way to provide meaningful spiritual growth and inquiry without descending into a modernistic five step plan or hearing the din of one person’s voice over and over.

Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
The story of the Wise Men following a star to find the Christ child is one of the most retold stories at Christmas time. And for good reason. Beyond being a nice tale, it be a paradigm for the discovery of a rich spiritual life. More…
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
6 restorative practices for well-being Leaders constantly give of themselves to those who serve. How can they recharge? Where can they find restorative practices for ministry that build up our well-being? Today I’m attending the Lewis Fellows alumni gathering at Wesley Theological Se…
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Have you ever noticed that Jesus never called his earliest followers to pray, do justice, heal the sick or share the gospel? Not at first anyway. Instead, he called them to do two things and two things alone. Here they are. If we grasp this simple rhythm, it will result
Blog Entry | Higher Education >
Two words combined to be a buzz phrase have appeared at different times and in different ways in Baptist life lately, especially at CBF General Assembly last month: Spiritual. Formation. The new Dawnings CBF initiative that offers a missional visioning process for new and old congregations…
Blog Entry | Culture >
What does picking 6,000 avocados teach you about being a spiritually fruitful person? For starters, climbing ladders, snipping avocado after avocado, and getting on your knees for low-hanging fruit can teach you a lot about being spiritually fruitful…if you’re willing to listen…
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I’ve been blogging a lot about holiness recently. I’ve written about what holiness is, why we should be holy, and why we would want to be holy. Today, we get practical. How can we pursue holiness in our lives? What can we do to look more and more like Jesus?