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Article | Spiritual Practices >
Spiritual Rhythms in Community is a challenging read that spurs spiritual growth, both in one's inner spiritual life and outer spiritual practices.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Do you practice fasting as a spiritual discipline? If not, consider these simple guidelines to help you incorporate fasting into your spiritual life.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
"The simple practice of eating is actually a clever and convenient spiritual tool of the highest order."
Article | Youth >
How to incorporate the fruits of the spirit into your life.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
"There will always be times when our actions do not rise to our words, but let these be lessons."
Article | Devotionals >
Has joy gone missing in your life? Consider following Brother Lawrence's example: Practice God's presence.
Article | Christian Living >
Principles learned from experience
Blog Entry | Women >
This week it’s time to practice the lion-hearted virtue of courage. We all have a bit of the cowardly lion in us, even those of us Type A extroverts. No matter your bravado or cool veneer, we all want to tuck our tail between our legs when we face those
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Houses of the Not-So Holy For the last month or so I have been drawn back into classic rock mode. I blame Pandora. I think it all started with wanting to listen to an old Blood, Sweat and Tears song that randomly ran through my head. “You made me so
Blog Entry | Women >
It doesn’t take much book knowledge to pick up on chemistry between two people. There’s this lightening-y (my compliments to Ratatouille) moment when you feel in sync, like they get you and time slows (or speeds up) long enough to notice each other. Like the first time a guy di…