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It's easy to forget about God, and the spiritual practices that bring us into alignment with God's principles, as we move through life focusing on all the details of family, work, and play. The purpose of this blog is a call to all Christians to be intentional about the spiritual practice of putting God first in all the aspects of our life.


Everyday Liturgy exists to be not merely a blog but a conversation. Too often blogs become bastions of individual expertise, a place to go to find someone’s opinion on everything, instead of a place to interact and grow. As we are all about theology and spiritual practice, a conversation is the only way to provide meaningful spiritual growth and inquiry without descending into a modernistic five step plan or hearing the din of one person’s voice over and over.


Evil; hate and intolerance, is real and ugly and toxic in this world. We must overcome it. It is, unfortunately, all too common among men of and from all ages. We have witnessed this evil at home and in years past as terrorist have devastated our country. Recently, in the attacks on our embassies and countrymen abroad we continue to witness this truth, as we have in murderous attacks and violent aggression throughout the Middle East by men ranging from very young to their fathers and grandfathers, as have their ancestors before them. This ongoing conflict is oft ...

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About Extreme Missionary Adventures:

Extreme Missionary Adventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping volunteers make a positive impact on their world. Our volunteers share the love of Jesus with overlooked people in remote locations around our world and help with human needs such as medical, dental, construction, educational and other basic needs. Our lives have been changed for the better by what Christ did for us. We now want to help others with their physical needs, but more importantly show them how they can have lasting peace in their lives through Jesus Christ.