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"As a leader, the health of your marriage directly affects the impact of your leadership. I have witnessed this tim»
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It seems that most people maintain that their spouse is and should be their best friend. I like the sound of this. I really do. It's so... well, romantic. It sounds good and I don't think it's wrong. But... I've also developed some question for which I don't yet have answers. Where does this concept come from? I have the impression that many Christians take this as "gospel". It's so ingrained in our culture that most of us can't even imagine it b»
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In a previous post, I wrote about the pastor’s spouse’s emotions during a time of ministry transition. You will need to read that post HERE for this post to make complete sense.That post resonated with several who are dealing with that issue. My post was to bring awareness to those emotions, but as I expected, it generated questions. People wanted to know howhow do they help their spouse transition? Great question. I don’t have all the answ»
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For over a decade I have been talking with folks about their personal financial giving.  Among the most common questions I hear is,  "What do I do when my spouse and I are not on the same page about our giving?"  Great question.  Often tension in the area of giving can frustrate a marriage.  And it's not always as simple as one spouse is generous and the other is not.  As with other issues in marriage, the root cause of this situation can»
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Today’s Attitude of Love: Loving Your Spouse Lets face the cold hard truth, it is often times easier to love a stranger than to love your spouse. Why? It is simple, we live with them day in and day out. They see most of our imperfections. They are the brunt of our bad days, and we all to often just simply get to comfortable. We tend to love them out of habit rather than loving them out of sacrificial love that God calls us to. Raise your hand i»
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Pray for your spouse today! Not for your selfish desires but for their safety, their walk with The Lord and their protection. Be thankful for them and what they are for your family and to you. With the demands of this world today, it is easy to lose sight of those who are in need right beside us. God has made us one body to work together as a team and a team is only as good as its weakest link. Your spouse maybe hurting or in need without you ev»
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Is your spouse unemployed or do they feel stuck in their current position? When our spouse is going through a »
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    Question: How can I live my life for Christ when I have an unbelieving spouse?  
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Marriage Today, Jimmy Evans - How do I forgive my spouse after an affair?
Jimmy & Karen Evans discuss the ques»
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The Key to Your Spouse's Heart | Marriage Today
People desire to be married, but many do»