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Article | Marriage >
During a conflict, Shaunti Felhahn advises wives to allow their husbands time to process before speaking.
Article | Marriage >
Gary Thomas shares a pretty obvious clue to how to predict your future spouse's behavior.
Article | Marriage >
Maybe your spouse isn't purposely trying to annoy you with that little habit you hate.
Article | Prayer >
Ron Moore shares five ways to begin praying with your spouse.
Article | Marriage >
When our spouses aren’t behaving like we’d like, God often wants to show us a few things about ourselves. Counselor Leslie Ver»
Article | Relationships >
Marriages flourish when couples purposely take time out to be together. Here are some creative suggestions for a date night with y»
Article | Marriage >
What is the moral responsibility of the healthy spouse when the other is terminally sick?
Article | Marriage >
Ron Edmondson provides 15 questions to help you take "date night" to the next level.»
Article | Emotional Health >
Where is God when a husband and wife both must deal with depression?
Article | Marriage >
Counselor Leslie Vernick offers comfort and advice to a wife suffering from her husband's constant deceptions.