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When it comes to church staffing, hiring the first person, the closest person, or the nicest person is seldom the best option. By »
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Tim Spivey offers five ways to prevent making common mistakes churches sometimes make in the hiring process.
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"As a leader, are you investing your best resources in the wrong people? It is easy to see other people making this»
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The role of the associate pastor or minister is one that many churches think they cannot afford. In reality, the are a variety of ministry callings that do not involve staffing a full-time pastor or minister. In many cases, the associate pastor or minister can be found in their church. As church budgets get tighter []
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Leadership Trends with Ron Edmondson | Carey Nieuwhof
Pastor Carey Nieuwhof talks with pastor »
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Here is a quick thought when planning your organizational charts — especially for churches Staff for needs. Don’t staff for structure. I’ve seen this in so many organizations, but probably especially in the church. We naturally assume that if a position comes open we have to fill it with the same title and function of the previous position. That may or may not be wise. Over time, if we only do what we’ve always done, we can end up with po»
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Whether the personnel portion of your church’s budget is $50,000, $500,000 or 5,000,000, it should have at its core, some common elements. If you’re involved in putting together your church’s personnel budget, here are key components and tactical steps you need to include (you can see it graphically here). Step 1 Know and show your personnel budget number for the current year (ex. $300,000). Step 2 Show any changes you’ve made to the bud»
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Photo Credit: via Compfight cc Like most effective leaders, you’re probably juggling a family, a career, a social life, and many more responsibilities (and doing a killer job at all of them). This means that social media and blogging understandably get bumped down the priority list. You have probably said to yourself, “There just aren’t enough hours in a day.” or, “If only I could clone myself.”. Well, you are certainly not»
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I previously wrote on this very subject in two previous blog entries, "Running the Faith Race" and "Running on Faith". Sure, I'm not going to create a third one talking about the exercise that some people perform whether daily or several times a week or what have you. Here, I'll just display an example and talk about how I'm doing just that for nearly 2.5 years while literally going broke! Something that not a lot of people would do, simply becau»
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How Do You Build A Culture of Evaluation in Your Church? | Bill Hybels
"Every person you employ actually w»