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“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt In February, popular Australian TV celebrity Charlotte Dawson took her own life. As I was pondering this article trying to gain inspiration, my wife Helen arrived home from work with the news that one of her work colleagues has committed suicide. According to SANE Australia (a mental health education organisation) mental illness affects approximately 20% of the population in which 14% suffer from anxiety related illnesses while 6% depression related illnesses (I would ima ...


Did you know that Singleness can be a gift? Singleness is not a stage of life to be tolerated and gotten over as soon as possible. Although statistics tell us that over 90% of adults will get married at some point in their lives, we spend so much time anxious about getting married. One of the main reasons for this is loneliness. We think that marriage will fix all our problems and make us less lonely. But the sad fact is: loneliness is a deep, deep pit that can truly ruin your life if you let it. When we’re lonely and depressed, we make really bad decisions, we ...

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We’ve all heard the overwhelming statistics of children who need homes. There is such great need for families, right? Then why i»
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Tim Peters offers four effective suggestions on wading through the information overload of web statistics so that you can make sou»
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Large churches in the South tend to pay their senior pastors the highest salaries, a new survey finds.
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David Kindervater summarizes the step-by-step process to moving toward your dream as outlined in Ben Arment's new book, Dream Year»
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Louis Markos discusses the major questions non-believers face.
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Terrible twos? Try Terrible Teens. Meg Meeker shares tips on how to maintain a positive relationship with difficult teenage sons.
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Pastor Dave Dunham believes Heath Lambert's "Finally Free" is one of the best books on maintaining purity from pornograp»
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Baptist Standard Editor Marv Knox suggests how to combat falling attendance.