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Article | Christian Living >
Charlotte Van Werven explains that a strong person is made by their ability to let themselves go.
Article | Devotionals >
Philippians 4:13 is an uber-popular verse in the sports world, but Aubry Smith posits that the verse it taken far out of context.
Article | Work >
Learn your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes in your professional life.
Article | Emotional Health >
Everyone has pain and feels broken at some point along the way. The question is will you allow brokenness to destroy you? Or will »
Article | Emotional Health >
It's good to remember those really hard days when you need assurance that you can make it through today.
Article | Church Leadership >
"Strengthening the soul of our leadership is an invitation that begins, continues and ends with seeking God in the crucible o»
Article | Bible Study >
Nobodies can be powerful somebodies in God's plan.
Article | Family >
Becky Danielson encourages to take seriously Jesus mandate to love God wholly.
Article | Family >
Deb Wolf offers advice that will build up our families.
Article | Devotionals >
In this final part of her devotional series, Noelle Kirchner focuses on the sword of the Spirit.