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Audio | Church Leadership >
The biggest thing I struggle with as a leader is ____________________. Join Perry Noble and Shane Duffey for a candid di»
Audio | Church Leadership >
"Most leaders I know struggle with delegation. They know they should do it, but they just have trouble handing off »
Audio | Preaching >
Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, speaks from the heart about trusting God when life fails to make sense.
Audio | Preaching >
Conflict. Rising action. Antagonists and protagonists. Resolution. Once upon a time, God wrote you into the world. You a»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
It seems like I’m the only one that deals with it I’m a pastor I preach. I do funerals. I do weddings. I visit hospitals. I have a good grasp of scripture. I pray for people. I fight the Enemy daily. But I still struggle to find God some days. I still struggle to see His hand in mine.  Maybe I’m alone in the struggle. Maybe other people have miraculous encounters every day and feel and notice His presence every second of every»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Whitt asked me to be praying and thinking on writing about how God gives me peace and comfort in the middle of rough times. How our Lord gives me hope, and graciously showers me personally with Himself in the midst of adversity or suffering. Even processing these thoughts have been a challenge. I can shower you with loads of “Sunday School” answers, and every one of them would be true. I can find gobs of verses that have in so many occasions»
Article | Devotionals >
Dave Arnold shares three lessons he's learned about purpose through the challenges of life's struggles.
Article | Devotionals >
Problems don't automatically disappear when someone becomes a Christian, so what can a Christian do to follow God in the midst of »
Article | Devotionals >
Michael Lukaszewski says that tough times can pave the way for greatness.
Article | Emotional Health >
We need Someone who gets what we’re going through.