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Article | Theology >
What can America's pastime teach us about suffering?
Article | Youth >
Candice Colgan looks again at the problem of evil and suffering and why God allows them to happen.
Article | Inspiration >
Philip Yancey, author of "The Question That Never Goes Away," talks with FaithVillage about pain, suffering, Newtown, Japan, Sarajevo, natural disasters, and the Christian response to suffering.
Article | Inspiration >
What answer can we expect when we question God about our suffering?
Article | Devotionals >
Jesus was born into a world of suffering, and yet, we still live in one that suffers more than ever. Does the joy we find at the end of the road make it all worthwhile?
Article | Emotional Health >
Instead of asking why pain has come, consider a different perspective on suffering instead.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Have you believed the myth that easy equals right and difficult means wrong? Jesus has something to teach us about this.
Article | Culture >
It's time to be the Church
Article | Emotional Health >
Friends can help in simple, empathetic ways while their loved one walks through dark places.
Article | Devotionals >
Jennifer Callaway looks at David's words in Psalm 63 as an example of using all of our senses to engage with God.