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Ray Jones talks Music
Join us as Ray Jones talks about some of»
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New Tour and New Music | David Crowder
David Crowder talks about new music and »
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Mandisa Talks About 'Overcomer'
In this video, Mandisa discusses her new»
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'Road to Nowhere' (Talking Heads cover) | Jars of Clay
Jars of Clay perform a cover of the Talk»
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Featuring Interviews With Sarah Macintosh, Lincoln Brewster and Scott Krippayne. Our final PodCast of the year finds Bil»
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Noisetrade & Free Music | Derek Webb Interview
Singer/songwriter and Noisetrade founder»
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Disingenuous Christian Music | Michael Gungor
Michael Gungor, lead singer of Gungor, t»
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Creating Music Together | Sean Carter
Musician and songwriter Sean Carter talk»
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Gungor Talks about Sponsorship | World Vision
How does Gungor feel about child sponsor»
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Featuring interviews with The Museum and Luminate. Host Bill Lurwick speaks with both Ben from The Museum as he talks ab»