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Article | Family >
Teachers can look a lot like Jesus to our kids. Thank one today.
Article | Prayer >
As kids go back to school, Deb Wolf offer 10 ways to pray for your children as well as yourself.
Article | Teaching >
Donald Miller argues that the church is more than a classroom.
Article | Technology >
Tech enthusiast Sele Mitchell shares his top 7 picks for Android apps to help you get the most out of learning and teaching the Bi»
Article | Technology >
7 recommendations that may help you dig deeper
Article | Women >
Jackie Roese shares the inspiration behind her latest book 'She Can Teach.'
Article | Blogs >
Always Alleluia blogger Kris Camealy reflects on how her dream to write came to pass.
Blog Entry | Teaching >
These days there are so many websites and resources available to help teachers, but that doesn’t mean that teachers know what all’s available to them. There’s so many lists of websites out there, but what makes this one unique is that these websites have been recommended by teachers themselves. Thank you to all the teachers who submitted your favorite website! A disclaimer, though: I have not personally vetted these websites. I&»
Blog Entry | Teaching >
Some teachers, in an effort to get their students to like them, fail to deal with classroom management and discipline issues that arise. Others, in an effort to get their students to respect them, decide to lay down the law. But neither of these approaches typically give those teachers what they desire. We talk extensively about why you’ve got to deal with those first discipline issues in this post here. But what about laying down the law?»
Blog Entry | News >
Are teachers reaching their students? Here are 25 things successful educators do differently