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Audio | Family >
Phil Vischer helps parents equip children to understand and celebrate Easter.
Audio | Holidays >
Ideas on how to teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas
Audio | Parenting >
Teaching Your Children to Work
Focus on the Family Podcast for parents
Audio | Parenting >
Teaching Purity to Your Elementary-Aged Kids
A discussion on how to guide your children in issues of sexuality and purity.
Blog Entry | Emotional Health >
This is the first video in the series on Building Trust in God. This teaching series hopes to demystify and clarify a spiritual concept and make it more tangible, less philosophical and more practical. This first video focuses on the topic of faith, namely what is faith?  And, is loosely based on this post. By [] The post What is Faith? (Video Teaching – 25 mins) appeared first on On the Road to Healing.
Blog Entry | Collegiate >
If you were to look inside the classrooms at Baylor, you’d quickly see some of the nation’s best professors teaching and mentoring future Baylor alums. Already this fall, two Baylor professors have been recognized for excellence in working with students in their disciplines. Dr. Wade Rowatt, professor of psychology and neuroscience, and Dr. Andrea Dixon, associate professor of marketing, each received awards for their work with Baylor stu»
Blog Entry | Teaching >
As many of you know, when I gave birth to my son almost two years ago, I stepped away from the classroom to stay home and raise him (and his soon-to arrive sister!) I know that God wanted me to stop teaching and that He has a special plan for this season of my life. But God’s plans are not the same for everyone. I’ve recently met Elizabeth Chapman who blogs at Teaching Sam and Scout. Her situation is similar to mine in that she is als»
Blog Entry | News >
Are You Teaching Grace Or Legalism?
Blog Entry | Video >
We had to take out the line about lust and adultery. It would have been okay- except that, the point of the whole script was to contrast the complicated Old Testament law with the simple (but not easy) teachings of Christ. So we had an older man dressed very “properly” relaying Old Testament laws, and a young girl pushing back on those details, pointing out that if we follow Jesus’ teachings, we don’t need all those rules»
Blog Entry | Children >
Teaching our children how to pray is one of the most important things that we can do.