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Article | Spiritual Growth >
Is what we've been teaching our children true Christianity, or just moralistic therapeutic deism?
Article | Youth Leaders >
Some suggestions for Christian youth leaders on what to do when you're stuck in a teaching funk.
Article | Small Groups >
The pros and cons of teaching a small group
Article | Youth Leaders >
Austin McCann says it's a good thing to talk to youth about sex and gives six tips to remember when doing so.
Article | Youth Leaders >
The importance of teaching teenagers how to explain their faith stories.
Article | Christian Living >
Jim Jackson shares how an everyday life experience proved to be a great teaching moment with his son.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Ron Moore shares five practical ways parents can instill biblical values regarding money in their children.
Article | Family >
In this excerpt from 'Redeeming Childbirth,' the author encourages parents to include older children in their mom's pregnancy &»
Article | Parenting >
Angie Tolpin lists her favorite books that help parents teach kids of all stages about childbirth.
Article | Parenting >
Five clues you might be encouraging anxiety in your kids.