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There are roles a youth worker plays in the life of our teenagers that can be essential to our students spiritual development
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When teenagers are valued, they bring life to nearly every sector of society, including the church
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One of the most popular trending apps right now is an app called “Hot or Not.” Even though this app attracts many young adults, teenagers are very much into it as well and are using it. Basically, it’s an app where you browse pictures other users have posted and you rate them as “hot” or “not.” The rating scale is 1-10 with low rating obviously meaning your “not” and high ratings meaning your “hot.” The photos can range from»
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A coroner has slammed Call of Duty after a string of teenagers who regularly played it killed themselves
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Teenagers are developmentally driven to be late to bed, late to rise
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In an article published in April, called "American Teens: Live Fast, Die Hard" is it suggested that American teenagers are more likely to die violent deaths than other teens around the globe.The rate of teenage boys dying such a death in the US is higher than the rate for boys of the same age-range in Israel.Teenage girls between 13 and 15 are also more likely to partake in binge drinking than girls of the same age range anywhere else in the worl»
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For generations parents of teenagers have wanted to know about “the secret lives of teenagers”
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Fifty percent of TwitCasting’s users are teenagers, including 1.33 million Japanese college student
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The Secret to Long Haul Love for Teenagers
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I’m often asked to recommend tools and resources for discipling teenagers. And, well, there are three resources I find myself recommending over and over again. So today, I want to take a second to give you a look at those three resources (a method for sharing the Gospel, a Bible, and a 30-day devotional) and tell you why I like them so much. Here they are BASED ON A TRUE STORY, by James Choung Before we can talk about discipling teenagers,we s»