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It is self-evident that you and I are living in a hyper-connected culture - we seem to be always "on". And what is true of many adults is even more true of our teenagers-they are constantly connected. For those of you involved in youth ministry, that fact can either be a good thing, or it can be a disaster. The infographic below looks at both sides of the hyper-connected are some key takeaways:1. The risk of losing face to face commun»
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We are living in a hyperconnected culture. Every teenager I work with has a smart phone with multiple social media apps
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We are living in a hyperconnected culture. Every teenager I work with has a smart phone with multiple social media apps
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Earlier this week, I wrote a post titled, “Why the Church Needs Teenagers (And Why You Do, Too).” I shared the necessity for why your church or organization needs to include the voice of teenagers in its overall direction and culture. I received valuable response in addition to the comments that it received. The key question that remains, however, is how does this happen? How do we as youth workers and leaders persuade our communities to pu»
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Many times as mothers of teenagers, we worry about how to connect with our children. How do you encourage your teens to grow up as men and women of character when they’re in the middle of those “my mom is so uncool” years? One way to connect your children is to support and encourage them in a goal they are working towards. To illustrate this principle, we’re introducing you to Cherie and Katie Wilkinson. Katie is the founder of the first»
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*Previously Published in the Huffington Post.  CLICK HERE So many of my friends with teenagers complain about the one-word answers they get when they attempt to communicate.   “Hey Honey, How was school?” “Fine.” “Did you have a chance to do your homework?” “Yea.” “What did you think about the movie you went to last night?” “Good.” And those of us with teenagers understand how complex it is to crack open a conversation w»
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New Barna research out on teenagers expectations for early adulthood. The eye-catching headline is the last question in the below table that says a quarter of teenagers think they will be “famous or well-known” by age 25. However I think the buried lede has to do with the questions of faith.  WHAT TEENAGERS EXPECT OUT OF EARLY ADULTHOOD What teenagers expect will happen in their life, by age 25 Will definitely happen Will definitely or»
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    Question: How do I parent a teenager?  
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For today’s freebie, I want to share with you a great resource provided by Youth Ministry 360. Recently, they released a short guide to writing Bible Studies for Teenagers called “The What? The Why? And How? Of Writing Bible Study for Teenagers.” I have already downloaded my a copy and have looked through it briefly. I am hoping to read through it more intently over the next few weeks. This is a great resource for anyone who wo»
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Courtesy of Vancouver Public Library/Creative Commons License The relationships we have in ministry will inspire, challenge, shape and even hurt us.  Some of those relationships we think will last forever while others will just be a moment in time.  When it comes to teenagers it's so important to see the time that you have with them as temporary.  Granted after graduation they could stay local, even minister in your church as»