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Article | Christian Living >
Norton Herbst discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of religion.
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The first country to cast off a dictator and herald the Arab Spring uprisings elsewhere, Tunisia has been dealing with political unrest and terrorism from those who hoped to take advantage of the uncertain times to establish a Muslim theocracy.
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by Ken Camp with ABPNews
Twenty years after a 51-day siege at the Mount Carmel compound near Waco ended in the deaths of about 80 members of the Branch Davidian sect, the event continues to shape national debate on subjects ranging from religious liberty and individual rights to policies on terrorism, experts told …
Article | Culture >
Jim Denison reflects on two ways to respond to the bombings at the Boston Marathon.
Article | Emotional Health >
In the aftermath of confusion resulting from the Boston Marathon Bombings, Ben Sharp discusses God's deep care for his children.
Article | News >
Global religious hostilities reached a six-year high in 2012 and affected more people than government curbs on religious freedom, according to the Pew Research Center’s latest report on religious restrictions around the world.
Article | Prayer >
Aubry Smith considers her lacking prayer life and urges Christians to pray, not as a segue to something else, but as a central act in their relationship with God.
Article | News >
Is there anything morally redeeming about “Game of Thrones”? Does the hit HBO series even have a moral vision?
Article | News >
Many conservative Christians are joining author Joel Richardson in the belief that the Antichrist will be a Muslim and will lead an attack on Israel.
Article | Public Policy >
Proposed changes put forth by David Gushee in light of gun violence in America (December 18, 2012)