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This season is full. Bursting at the seams full. Full of distractions and demands, people and parties, shopping and shipping. A season when we often relinquish our time management efforts to a loudly ticking time bomb. Every leader I spoke with this week had long lists to check off before checking “out of the office”. As you wrap up your projects in preparation for unwrapping your presents, I’d like to share this time management tip for»
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[View Video In Browser] Here is a video from , EarlytoRiseHQ, entitled “One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity”. It shows you one really easy item to add into your life that makes all the difference. What can you begin working on and marking off your to-do list? You can leave your comment below. « Previous What About The Day to Day?   Next » It Should Be Better Without You The pos»
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Morning Ponderings: As I am about to depart for a full day of classes at Dallas Theological Seminary, I reflect upon the vast papers, asssignments and exams due this semester along with speaking obligations. I, like you with your responsibilities, ponder on how each of these responsibilities become successfully achieve. Time management includes seeking God's wisdom and gumption (Light of Christ). See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!»
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Now that the days are getting shorter, it feels like Fridays are getting here sooner! Or is that just us? Enjoy our favorites from this week while you decide on what you’re going to do with the weekend. Take Notice GET REAL: John Leonard’s new book Get Real: Sharing Your Every Day Faith Every Day strives to show Christians that evangelism doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Order your copy today for 35% off at Westminster Bookstore!»
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“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” Ephesians 5:15-17   I have often heard the passage above applied as a time management principle. Business managers love to quote this Scripture and tell their employees to “redeem the time” by getting organized, working harder, and learning how to squeeze»
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I remember when I first began flirting with the idea of time management.  I was in high school and had no money.  So I created my own day by day planner. In college I took a class  that required me to use a Day Timer brand of planner.  It was my first time attempting to use a professional system.  I continued to use this throughout the remainder of my college days. Later on, I began to use the Franklin Covey Day Planner system.  I read seve»
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We watch the clock. We believe that time is controlling our days and nights. But really? I didn’t notice when “productivity” became the twenty-first century buzz word. But this idea isn’t new. Success is measured in terms of output and acquisition, right? At social functions, people ask, “And what do you do?” After all, the one who does the most and earns the most in the least time wins, right? Once, I sat with»
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  This is a guest post from Jacey Verdicchio. Jacey is passionate about living intentionally in the face of real demands, the unexpected, and human nature itself. Her book on the topic, Escaping Reaction; Embracing Intention is out now. She writes about relationships, faith and personal growth at The Balanced Wife. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, Mike, and golden retriever, Jack.   You’ve heard the example before: if»
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Time is one of the greatest assets of any leader. Learning to balance a leader’s time effectively is often a key in determining the level of success the leader attains. In my experience, every leader has three critical segments where they must invest their time on a regular basis. Most leaders tend to do one of these especially well, so by default they spend most of their time on it, often to the neglect of the other two. All three are needed.»
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Too Many Choices and Not Enough Time Today’s world is full of choices that increase with each new day. Family Vacations?  No longer simple camping trips or a day at the beach, families now choose adventures on safari or a packed-schedule week on a cruise at sea. Education? The neighborhood school can be exchanged for homeschool, magnet school, private, or talent specific. Profession?  Career choices now list hundreds of opportunities getting»