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How to fight against the "Tyranny of the Urgent"»
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Is the Holy Spirit a manager or a leader in your life?
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This season is full. Bursting at the seams full. Full of distractions and demands, people and parties, shopping and shipping. A season when we often relinquish our time management efforts to a loudly ticking time bomb. Every leader I spoke with this week had long lists to check off before checking “out of the office”. As you wrap up your projects in preparation for unwrapping your presents, I’d like to share this time management tip for»
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[View Video In Browser] Here is a video from , EarlytoRiseHQ, entitled “One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity”. It shows you one really easy item to add into your life that makes all the difference. What can you begin working on and marking off your to-do list? You can leave your comment below. « Previous What About The Day to Day?   Next » It Should Be Better Without You The pos»
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It is fascinating that when you study the most effective individuals throughout history, you see the same theme coming back again and again in how each of them managed their time. The key was focus and concentration on a few very significant priorities, always keeping in mind what is centrally important at the moment (that is, what’s best next). We see this especially in Winston Churchill. Here’s how Steven Hayward very effectively summarizes»
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Morning Ponderings: As I am about to depart for a full day of classes at Dallas Theological Seminary, I reflect upon the vast papers, asssignments and exams due this semester along with speaking obligations. I, like you with your responsibilities, ponder on how each of these responsibilities become successfully achieve. Time management includes seeking God's wisdom and gumption (Light of Christ). See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!»
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Now that the days are getting shorter, it feels like Fridays are getting here sooner! Or is that just us? Enjoy our favorites from this week while you decide on what you’re going to do with the weekend. Take Notice GET REAL: John Leonard’s new book Get Real: Sharing Your Every Day Faith Every Day strives to show Christians that evangelism doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Order your copy today for 35% off at Westminster Bookstore!»

Smart Church Management helps churches fulfill their call by managing the resources God has given them - people, time and money.


This is the leadership blog that inspires and directs you in living a purposeful life. Subjects include relationships, communication, creativity, focus/time management through discipline in your life and how you can more effectively share your story and valuable information to your readers through social media.

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RescueTime is a cross-platfom, web-based time management tool that can help you keep track of where you're spending your time whil»