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Article | Church Leadership >
How to fight against the "Tyranny of the Urgent"»
Article | Small Groups >
Because church leaders chronically structure their lives without time for relationships, community is hard value to teach others.
Article | Christian Living >
You'd be surprised how many shortcuts you can incorporate into your day to make better use of the only time God gives you.
Article | Health >
De-stress your life by establishing a morning ritual and creating healthy habits, which Greg says will free up more time in your b»
Article | Health >
Author and speaker Arlene Pellicane answers a reader's question about maintaining your weight over the holidays. Try doing these 2»
Article | Health >
The Bible says to take our thoughts captive. If we do, will this reduce stress? How can we manage our anxiety?
Article | Devotionals >
Is the Holy Spirit a manager or a leader in your life?
Article | Church Leadership >
Brian Dodridge discusses the difference between being mindful of your ministerial image and deceptively managing it.

Smart Church Management helps churches fulfill their call by managing the resources God has given them - people, time and money.


This is the leadership blog that inspires and directs you in living a purposeful life. Subjects include relationships, communication, creativity, focus/time management through discipline in your life and how you can more effectively share your story and valuable information to your readers through social media.