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Article | Social Media >
Darrel Girardier is the social media director at this church. When faced with the question of who his church Twitter account shoul»
Article | Social Media >
Darrel Girardier provides step-by-step instructions on what to do if your church's Twitter account has been hacked.
Article | Social Media >
Tim Price offers seven short tips for churches just getting started on Twitter.
Article | News >
The Vatican defended the pope’s choice to open a Twitter account even if it exposes him to insults and online abuse.
Article | Church Leadership >
Former wrestler and current movie star Dwyane Johnson (The Rock) built a sizable Twitter following. What can church leaders learn »
Article | News >
Max Lucado talked to Religion News Service about grace, the topic of his 29th book, and answered a range of questions from people »
Article | Technology >
In generations past, it was the bumper sticker. Now, Christians on Twitter are offering inch-deep theology to endless miles of cyb»
Article | Collegiate >
Collegiate ministries on Twitter.
Audio | Social Media >
Michael Hyatt joined Twitter on April 6, 2008 at the urging of his friend, Randy. He quickly came to discover that Twitt»
Video | News >
f you could go back in time and ask Jesu»