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Michael Hyatt joined Twitter on April 6, 2008 at the urging of his friend, Randy. He quickly came to discover that Twitt»
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f you could go back in time and ask Jesu»
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David Crowder*Band Rockumentary 4: Twitter Will Kill You
Mark warns David that Twitter will only »
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Christians of Twitter
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  • Member count: 3
  • Location: Madrid, Madrid

About The gospel around the world:

This group is for people that wants to preach the gospel on Internet. The objective:Save souls. Twitter:@Gosparworld

  • Member count: 8
  • Location: Miami, FL

About JesusReport:

With the Lord's direction and guidance, we have formed a worldwide clearinghouse webpage the JesusReport. The JesusReport is a Jesus Centered clearinghouse website that features the Top Daily News Compilation and Encouragement of the Kingdom, Daily Readings, and the links to a growing list of the best Jesus centered Organizations, Authors, Speakers, Prophets and Filmmakers. Click to Check it Out and like us on Facebook (, Twitter (Jesus_Report) and then PLEASE SHARE with all your family and friends. John 1:1-5, Matth ...


Kelly is a writer and speaker, but most of all she is a cheerleader of faith. She offers inspirational quotes, heartfelt messages, quips, stories, videos and more to encourage others to move past doubt - and towards faith. Her hope is that all can find contentment, peace, joy and love in their lives as they pursue Christ. Twitter: @kellybalarie


Deborah Wipf is dedicated to helping church and ministry leaders with the business side of running an organization. She combines over ten years of business experience with her love for ministry, big vision, details, project plans and organization to be a “business coach for churches and ministries”. For more tips and resources, follow Deborah on Twitter (@DeborahWipf).


My name is Brian and I’m a proud computer geek/nerd. I am from Charlotte, NC where I currently reside. I hold a BA degree in Broadcast Media from North Greenville University in South Carolina. I attend Eastern Hills Baptist Church here in Charlotte, and I love the community of believers there. I am currently employed at the Christian Research Institute in south Charlotte doing production type work. I do not have an official title, but if I did it would be something to the effect of IT/Audio/Video Tech/Engineer, etc. I wear multiple hats at work, and they pay me ...


Christen Price shares her stories about seeking to live life illuminated by Jesus on The Uncontainable Truth. As wife to her high school sweetheart and mother to premature twin girls, she’s learned to trust God’s plans even when life (or her house) is messy. Christen is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at her church, a lover of exclamation points, and gets way too excited over food and fabric. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy or Twitter @chris10price.