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Michael Hyatt joined Twitter on April 6, 2008 at the urging of his friend, Randy. He quickly came to discover that Twitt»
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I just got through reading a wonderful, thought-provoking essay (okay, okay, a “blog post”) from Ryan Reed entitled “Reconsi»
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Being effective in your social media efforts isn’t about who has the most followers, but one shouldn’t think that it isn’t important. Building your influence begins with building your social media following. Here are 5 steps to show you how you can get more Twitter followers the right way. Photo Credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna via Compfight cc 1)      Use appropriate hashtags. Strategic use of a “hashtag” is a grea»
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Earlier this year, I posted The Top 30 Christian Blogs Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2014 and The Top 30 Christian Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter In 2014 Part 1.  These posts are incredible resources for readers looking for the best Christian content. Several years ago Scott Williams advised me to do a mid-year list with additional names.  Because of his […]
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I may be biased, but I tend to think there are a lot of exciting things to talk about in the social media world. There seems to be a cool new tool or program coming out of Silicon Valley every other week or so. With the high-tech investment market so hot right now, I am hardly exaggerating. With that said, of all the awesome topics to discuss about social media, Twitter Lists have never really been one of them. I disagree. If used correctly, they»
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As the Southern Baptist Convention was going on, I was following their tweets with the #SBC14 hashtag and noticed that Andy Stanley was showing up in my feed. I clicked on his Twitter profile and saw that he was taking on the SBC and challenging them. I was fascinated and followed his feed for a couple of hours. I even retweeted a few of his posts. I thought he made some great points, but many got upset.North Point Community Church lead pastor An»
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Less can be more You only get 140 characters Like in twitter, sometimes less is more. I’ve learned this lesson in many conversations I’ve had recently. You see, I like to talk. I’m learning, though, that sometimes I can learn more by saying less. Just listening can go a long way in us learning and others understanding that we care. More isn’t always better More followers can mean more spam On twitter, more followers doesn’t always mean»
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Twitter reveals top 100 Lenten sacrifices In case you were still working on what you are giving up or for Lent, Christianity Today reports top 100 choices according to Twitter: With about 5,000 tweets analyzed, the new hot topics so far this year are: “Netflix,” “Flappy Bird,” and “Getting an Oscar.” “Social Networking” is currently way out in front, with twice as many tweets as perennial favorites “Swearing” and “Alcohol»
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There’s an article over at the Telegraph that starts with an image subtitled by ‘Richard Dawkins has imploded on Twitter’, continues with phrases such as ‘Tweet that, Rich.’ and is tagged with ‘emotional incontinence’. Surely that’s got to be worth a read (I’ll link to it below). The article essentially makes the point that when Dawkins »
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This past week was the annual Twitter Fiction Festival, a writing platform for authors to share their best work in 140 characters or less. I originally didn’t plan to participate until I found myself with a bonus day off from work. I dug into some of my incomplete works, found a chapter that could serve as a self-contained story and broke it into a bunch of little pieces and submitted it to the Festival. It was fun seeing people react to my wor»