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Article | Work >
David's dealings with Saul may offer some helpful ideas on how to work honorably for a non-Christian boss.
Article | Preaching >
Taking his cue from Paul's preaching at the Aeropagus in Acts 17, pastor Scott Elliott suggests that more preachers quote our mode»
Article | Marriage >
Philip Payne, for, says that for wives to win over their unbelieving husbands, Scripture calls for courageous sub»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Believe it or not, Matt Appling says our churches are brimming with heretics.
Article | Marriage >
R. Robert Creech explains what makes a Christian Marriage.
Article | Public Policy >
A current case before the U.S. Supreme Court The lawsuit questions whether public government meetings can be opened with specific »
Article | Small Groups >
Andrew Mason with outlines 10 ways a small group leader can benefit from giving of their time to leading a »
Article | Small Groups >
Peter Krol provides 10 questions that can help small group leaders assess their small group health in terms of being Christ-center»
Article | Women >
Jennie Allen talks about her journey to founding the IF:Gathering
Article | Culture >
During the 2014 Super Bowl, the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter and, no doubt, millions of email accounts just about melted down th»