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Article | Work >
David's dealings with Saul may offer some helpful ideas on how to work honorably for a non-Christian boss.
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  Frank Turek shares perhaps the most important question for an unbeliever. The post The one question we should ask unbelievers appeared first on Michael Ernest.
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I assume at time or another, you would have been accosted by some men or women in high sounding religious phraseology, telling you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. it could be that you were given a tract about why you need to be born again. These people do knock at doors to preach about giving you life to Christ. In any of these ways, you have had the gospel preached to you. But how do you feel, when these people abruptly stop you in your track»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Today, I have the honor of being my friend Matt's lead-out guest poster on a new series about gender roles in the church and family at his site The Church of No People. I've known Matt for three years or so now, and every time I get to see him in person (and that one time on Skype, which we REALLY need to repeat), he always floors me with how genuine, open, and kind he is. Why he chooses to hang out with my sarcastic self is anyone's guess. :) T»
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DISCLAIMER: I don’t want to discount everything that I learned, nor the people that I met at my Alma mater.  In my experience, individuals generally had their heads screwed on right and their hearts in good places. ————————————————————————————————R»
Article | Preaching >
Taking his cue from Paul's preaching at the Aeropagus in Acts 17, pastor Scott Elliott suggests that more preachers quote our mode»
Article | Marriage >
Philip Payne, for, says that for wives to win over their unbelieving husbands, Scripture calls for courageous sub»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Believe it or not, Matt Appling says our churches are brimming with heretics.
Article | Marriage >
R. Robert Creech explains what makes a Christian Marriage.
Article | Public Policy >
A current case before the U.S. Supreme Court The lawsuit questions whether public government meetings can be opened with specific »